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Assessment 3a, named ‘Where in the World is Disney’, was a group work, and our team of 5 people got assessed on three tasks: team Power Point presentation, team Problem Solving efforts and our Individual Research Components. Roles and tasks’ allocation was the first step. We did it equally, based on the preferences, and previous experiences of each group member. The second step was a group brainstorming. This step helped our team in discovering the best selection criteria from the three new locations for Disney. We found out its strength, weaknesses and the main problems. In the end, when problems of the chosen cities got identified, we went to Problem solving process.

We applied two techniques namely, KT Decision, and Situation Analyses to top ranked problems of chosen location, determined their importance, and classified it based on its seriousness. Duncker Diagram got used for generating possible solutions of the main problem. Four members of our team performed the roles of researchers, and the fifth member was the team leader. Each researcher got a writing piece of 500 words, and prepared information for the presentation related to his part of the research component.

My individual performances in preparing, participating, cooperating and helping the group excelled to a maximum level. I got prepared for all our group meetings and submitted my own writing to the leader, earlier than the due date. I helped our team leader in monitoring the progress of our group, and assisted each member in feeling comfortable doing their tasks. I tried to ensure that all the tasks were on schedule and that each group member was doing his job properly. My interest in the success of the group was high. In almost every meeting, I gave suggestions and provided guidance to each member’s writing.

The performance of my team was pretty good. Everyone submitted his own writing, on time, and participated in the presentation. The main responsibility was of our team leader because she led the activities and also wrote the executive summary, the conclusion, collected everybody's work and prepared the final report. Each member attended meetings, expressed ideas and encouraged each other for higher standards. The fruitfulness of the teamwork got based on the ability of each member to negotiate and compromise during the brainstorming and problem solving process.

In conclusion, my learning process, during team work on Disney project, guided me for new challenges. Firstly, the experience with the Disney team was different from the other team works I had participated during PD1. As a result of higher point percentage of assessment, the stakes were high, and I chose my team more carefully. Secondly, the problem solving techniques that we used, for the first time in a team work, taught me that sharing different point of views, knowledge, experience, and values will help guide for an innovative and faster generation of solutions. Thirdly, I concluded that team contribution in finding a solution is a great tool that serves a common purpose, vision and mission to each member of the group for effective and harmonized task completion.


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