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School days have always been considered to be full of activities and challenges. Students learn a lot of subjects, attend additional clubs that represent their interests and do their home works, rest. This is a short description of the ordinary student’s day, which School Board wants to change due to the Washington State’s regulations.

Every student in our school has certain rights and responsibilities. By the word “responsibilities” I mean to obey school orders and comply with the rules. Students do need to do a certain amount of work and must responsible for their actions. If the School Board initiates a new schedule in accordance with the order from the Washington, students will have no other choice but to come to terms with it. The role of the authorities is to create new orders which people have to obey and respect. Therefore, I will accept the new order as well as all other students in the school.

Nevertheless, extending the school day will cause lots of problems. Even one extra hour of studying means less time for rest or home task. Moreover, more subjects signify more home tasks, whereas students’ free hours will be shortened. The day is not going to be longer, whereas students will have to strictly manage their time. Consequently, my recommendation is to reduce the amount of homework so that student will have more time to relax and prepare their tasks for the next day. This is not so easy to efficiently do everything - do your homework, help your parents and find some time to relax and prepare yourself for another day.

Extending the school day is a controversial issue therefore all advantages and disadvantages should be subjected into consideration. If School Board initiates the new schedule, therefore, some changes should also be introduced to help their students manage with everything. Otherwise, the whole school will face negative consequences.


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