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The proposal effectively brings out the intellectual knowhow of the various integrative approaches used in identifying the stomata cell fate determinants. It assists in the understanding of the molecular mechanisms that regulate, signal and pattern the cell formation during plant developments. The research seeks to promote stomata fate by identifying and classifying the specific genes. Through it we are able to identify and characterize the functions, patterns and the genetic combinations of FAMA used during the stomatal differentiation. Additionally we are also able to identify the DNA binding activity available in the transcriptional regulator. And since FAMA controls the balance between guard cell differentiation and repeated cell divisions, it has been used as an identification tool throughout the proposal (Berger and Altmann 2000). The activity which is very vital as it will offer solutions to the on-going cell balancing problem and thus encourage environmental change.

The proposal will work effectively towards improving the biological composition of ground cells which supports plants growth and development processes. It is also a unique proposal which will help us up-grade our current stomata cell using the latest scientific technology. The research proposal is an original, practical project which aims at improving the genetic composition of our current plants into more productive ones. And since the proposal has been tested and its results analyzed, funding it will not be a game of chance. This is after thorough testing of the phenotypes of SALK T-DNA which gave positive results (Bergmann and others 2004). The research has also been refined to determine the promoter regions of the genes. This was however done in order to define the FAMA binding subject within them. The research was therefore specifically done to the genes present in the guard cells and the cell cycle regulators. The target will however be confirmed in the FAMA gain or loss analysis of the function mutants. There is a transformative concept in the proposal as it has a clear motif of bettering the prevailing biological cell formation in our plants. However, it is not clear as to how much the proposal requires for funding. In order to sufficiently finance the project, the proposal needs to be accompanied with a synchronized budget showing the amount of funding required and how the money will be spent.

The broader impacts of the proposed activity

The proposal has some global perspective as it uses microarray based analysis to identify the genes transcript which changes depending on the FAMA activities. It has a distinguished formula of using the inducible FAMA expression to determine the transcript early (Geisler and others 1998). The genetic interactions and patterns of the stomatal genes helps in determining which genes to clone and it also offers a diagnostic evaluation of the mutant genes. The project will therefore work effectively in ensuring productive multiplication of genes through cloning. The test is also inclusive as it focuses on all mutants within similar phenotypic class.

There is also a broader impact on training as the FAMA and SPFs techniques used in the analysis is appropriate for the researchers at different levels. Effective and efficient financing of such a project will significantly promote training and teaching in our major learning institutions. The inclusion of molecular biology, microarrays and genetic analysis in the proposal will also greatly improve the educational standards of our students especially in science subjects. The research will therefore provide perfect learning tips for the K-12 students as well as for the post-doctorate students (Nadeau and Sack 2003). The proposed activity has an equitable representatives from doctorate, undergraduate and K-12 students thus making it the best. It’s purely an academic project and thus opposed to any gender discrimination. Anyone can comfortable take part in the proposed activity and the results will still remain the same. The underrepresented groups can equally take part in the research since it is aimed at improving the overall environment through the use of specialized biological skills.

Since the proposed activity is aimed at using the latest biological technologies, it will further boost the research and education infrastructure. The use of cloning technology in the gene mutation is very instrumental as it enlightens students on the latest developments (Maizel and Weigel 2004). Although the proposal originally aimed at analyzing the integrative approaches in the stomatal cell fate determinants it incorporates other relevant studies which is beneficial to the researchers. In order to fully attain its objective, the research will incorporate other partners who actively engage themselves in patterning the stomata genes. The results of the proposed project are a perfect stomata gene which will be harmless to our environment and have maximum yields (Yang and Sack 1995). This will not only disseminate the scientific and technological capability of our students, but will also improve our ecosystem. At the end of the project implementation, the student will have benefited from the scientific knowledge, but the society too will have its stake as safer genetically modified plants will be produced. The project results will also be used for future genomic and proteomic experiments. As one of the grant panelist I fully support the funding of the proposed activity.


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