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Where Do Nudists Keep Their Hankies?: ... and Other Naughty Questions You Always Wanted Answered by Mitchell Simon

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Mitchel Symons is a columnist for Sunday Express (London) and the creator of humor books, crosswords and trivia. This book discusses various questions concerning sex that one might have thought about or imagined, but does not know whom to ask. Some of the issues discussed include: why men fall asleep following sex, whether or not men think about sex all the time, and whether eunuchs can have sex among others. Symons carries his curiosity in the bedroom and tries to answer all your questions. This book has numerous, naughty questions just as its title suggests, from trivial sexual questions, to leading perverts and lovers in history. I found this book immensely funny, informative and worth sharing with friends. I would recommend it to people with a dirty sense of humor.

A Comparison of Social Nudists and Non-Nudists on Experience with Various Sexual Outlets by Marilyn Story

Marilyn is a professor at Northern Iowa University, Department of Home Economics. In the article, the author compares the sexual experience of nudists with that of non-nudists by interviewing them on various issues like sexual inhibitions and sexual guilt among others. Though nudism is believed to be linked to sexual permissive behaviors, research shows that social nudists know how to separate sex from nudity mentally and they view the naked body as pure and natural, as opposed to sexually arousing. In addition, they also have stringent sexual behavior rules. Marilyn’s hypothesized that social nudists feel guilty regarding their sexual conducts compared to non-nudists. The research found no direct link between sexually permissive conducts and nudity, as well as varying sexual implications amongst the research sample. This article is highly informative and helpful in changing the public’s perception of nudists.

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Glimpse of Nudists Proves Fatal for Peeping Tom.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur is a news agency based in Germany. According to reports from the agency, Roy Warman, a 56-year-old man from the UK suffered a heart attack and died following scaling the enclosure of a nudist camp in Southern England. Warman was found lying lifeless and holding his binoculars on the camp’s ground. According to one of the nudists present at the camp, he ought to have waited for the camp to be opened on Saturday, so he can legally visit and have a glimpse of the nudists. This article shows just how much attention nudists attract. This is indeed a truly sad story that should be a lesson to others to follow the long road to life’s issues than opting for shortcuts.

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Comparisons of Body Self-Concept between Social Nudists and Non-nudists by Marilyn Story

Marilyn is a professor at Northern Iowa University, Department of Home Economics. This article compared the self-concept of the bodies of social nudists and non-nudists on a rating of 0 to 5. The author also examined how other factors such as age, sex and satisfaction with personal associations affect body self-concept. Of the three, only sex was found to be significant. Males and nudists had higher ratings compared to females and non-nudists, though nakedness as a variable was vital in finding out body self concept. I found Marilyn’s article immensely informative to read and relevant to my research topic.

Elderly Nudists Survive Gauteng Gunfight

According to News24, an elderly couple, Niek and Magda Hugo, both aged 75 years escaped death after being shot by robbers in the hands and legs in their house, in north Pretoria. The robbers broke in the house at 3.50 am and began firing several shots at the couple who were already awake. Niek Hugo fought back by shooting at the men forcing them to flee. According to a son in-law of the couple, this was the 4th time in a period of three months that the couple was attacked. However, they were doing excellent, except for the shock. This article is relevant to my topic because it brings to light the challenges and discrimination that nudists experience in their everyday lives.

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