Free «Omega-3s as study aid» Essay Sample

In her insightful article “Omega-3s as study aid? DHA may help lowest-scoring readers improve” Maia Szalavitz explains that omega-3 fatty acid DHA can be used to improve reading skills and behavior in kids who need such help. Maia’s article is based on the study carried out by researchers from Oxford University’s Centre for Evidence-Based Intervention. The study which took over 16- week’s trial reveals that children who received placebo showed a great improvement on reading skills than those who never received placebo. Maia explains that, “DHA is an essential nutrient, which cannot be manufactured by the body, and is used by virtually all cells. It is especially important for vision and brain function, particularly during early development” (Maia, 1). In addition, Maia explains that most western dietary cuisine lack sufficient omega-3s which is most got from oily fish such as salmon and sardines. This article is written with the aim of providing important health information to parents. The result on the research on the importance of Omega-3s is also critical to health practitioners in their profession and practice.

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