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The Kamasutra explores the topic of sex in a more explicit manner. It brings forward the most sophisticated and balanced treatment of the theme prior to the modern age. In this era of Kamasutra, it was believed that theorists who prospered in all they did were those that were good practitioners. This notion is related to sex in the sense that successful sex necessitates thoughtful action. Furthermore, it proposes that individuals who are good in thinking are also good in love making. The sex theme is explored in terms of kinds and unions. For instance, there exist nine forms of intercourse with regard to time as well as energy of passion, just as there are physical dimensions which are nine in total. The Kamasutra views love as an integral part of an individual and should be perfected in order to achieve sexual pleasure. This in the long run ensures satisfaction to the man and woman. Kamasutra concurs with the modern-day idea that sex, love and marriage should be well catered for since these determine the fate of a man and a woman in a relationship.

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Contrary to the views of the contemporary world on love, sex and marriage, Kamasutra categorizes these three into kinds. The single forms are further elaborated in order to attain sexual fulfillment. Men are women have a responsibility to ensure that love making process is successful. The nature of a species determines a lot when it comes to love making, marriage and sex.  Kamasutra depicts sex as a short time thing while love making involves a longer period. This is so since the man and the woman have different anatomical features and the manner in which they are aroused also differs. Kamasutra brings out how the nature of past relations was. Respect flourished between a man and a woman in marriage. Both parties were equal when it came to sex issues. The techniques to attain sexual pleasure are also highlighted. This is substantiated by, “….a man should treat a woman in a manner that she would experience orgasm so fast.”

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