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In my opinion, I was not skeptical about the news given to the fact that most religious priests across the globe had all along been accused of abusing children. Thus, by this article focusing on German Catholic priests meant that the findings were more categorical. The source of this information came directly from an independent investigator who concentrated in getting first hand form of information from the victim (Eddy, 2013). The victims were allowed to express their respective experiences through a hotline number. It should also be noted that the article is published in “New York Times” which is an accredited media institution.

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Yes, I think that the article was oversimplified for the purpose of meeting its objective concerned with monetary gains. For instance, the article does not mention the actual characters and those which are mentioned are a representation of the whole sample. Furthermore, it does not state the ages of the victims, the locations under which they got assaulted as well as the amount of trauma they suffered. It is also true to indicate that the article provided proof for their information; abuse of children by German priests. For instance, the article includes the narration by Claudia Adams who accused her preschool priest of having abused her for many years. This victim goes ahead to blog about the abuse in order to enlighten the public about her experience under German priests. In addition to this, the article provides exact locations in Germany where the atrocities were conducted, which are along the Rhine river and Bavaria. The article provides a control group for which 1,165 out of 1,824 came out as real victims (Eddy, 2013). It is safe to postulate that the research suggested correlation attributes given the fact that it took to expounding on the experiences of the victims through hotlines. Notably, the research focuses on the happenings of the events rather than on the circumstances which allowed them to occur. For instance, the research article provides such personal information of the victims as their age, locations upon which assault occurred as well as the trauma suffered. The inference was supported by the data provided above since most of the callers indicated that they had been abused by the very German priests being investigated. For instance, there were 8,500 callers to the hotline for which about 1,165 were confirmed as the victims of abuse (Eddy, 2013).

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