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When we have to choose the dinner place having a few variants of the restaurants where we have never been earlier, it is most likely that we will prefer the establishment that belongs to the famous restaurant chain. Often just widely known trademark gives us guarantees of the service quality and decent food standards. Chili’s Restaurant is one of such dinner restaurant chains in Orem city, where I had the opportunity to eat last week with my friend.

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I should admit that the establishment has a quite advantageous location. It is placed near Brigham Young University and within the recreation zone around Utah Lake. Considering the location factor and lunch time we did not expect that the restaurant would be deserted. We were not wrong. Chili’s restaurant was mostly full, and its atmosphere was like a beehive. Fortunately, one of the tables in the restaurant has got just released. Waitress appeared surprisingly fast. In spite of a significant number of people she came to us in a minute, cleaned our table and asked whether we are ready to make an order.  We ordered drinks to catch our breath and calmly look through the menu.

It is worth saying that the list of beverages is long and diverse. Even the most demanding visitor can find something to satisfy his or her thirst with the soft drinks, tea, juice or cocktails. Chili’s lemonade is especially delicious, and we chose it without any hesitations.  My bright and saturated Strawberry lemonade was worth its cost of $2. 89.

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I must admit that Chili’s menu is extensive and has a broad variety of dishes. Vegetarian food list was the most pleasant point for me because I did not eat animal products. The menu at the restaurant allows me to feel at ease and have a delicious dinner without any constraints. I ordered Fire-grilled Corn Guacamole ($5.29) cooked according to the unique Chili’s recipe, appetizer Jumbo pretzels sticks ($5.59) and Quesadilla Explosion salad ($9.99).

All dishes had an appetizing appearance and were delicious. Famous Guacamole was great. It was just from the fire and had a pleasant smell of the grill. Both, temperature and delicious flavor showed that the dish was freshly cooked.  I was also pleased with appearance and taste of baked and crispy appetizer Jumbo pretzels sticks with the appealing cost at $5.59 for four units. Tomatoes, red onions and corn’s unnatural softness in my Quesadilla Explosion salad was the only thing that made me suspect the restaurant of using frozen vegetables. I spent close to $22 for my hearty and delicious dinner. To my mind this is reasonable price for such quantity and quality of the food.

My friends together paid even less than me. They used special Chili’s proposition Tripple Dipper that allows combining three favorite appetizers served with sauces only for $11.  Chili’s has a lot of such economy suggestions, like as the most popular $20 Dinner for 2 and Party Platters for 6-8 persons. Such option as Lunch Combos and Make it a Combo is the excellent instrument for creating an individual approach for each customer.

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As for me, I would like to see more healthy and useful food in the menu. There is a great choice of appetizers, sandwiches, burgers, handhelds, but significantly lower quantity of soups, for example. Even the vegetarian menu, as I have noticed while making my order, contains similar dishes only without meat, fish and shrimps. Such type of Restaurant, I think, should also have more variety on the desserts list. These are a few changes that I would recommend to make in Chili’s restaurant.

In terms of the establishment interior one can discern bright range of colors that is typical for the whole Chili’s restaurant chain. It is well pronounced not only in space design, but in the menu decoration and even in the way of serving dishes. Chili’s restaurant atmosphere features fussiness that makes a visitor eat faster - even those ones who have enough time for dining. The waitress attends to us immediately after we came, our order was brought rather quickly, but staying for a long time was hardly possible. Our waitress was tolerant but a bit rushed.  Moreover, it is very noisily in the restaurant. It is impossible to communicate at ease and comfort since we had to be as loud as others when talking. In spite of heavy-duty work at the kitchen and a lot of dishes that needed to be fried there are no odors in the restaurant.  In contrast, the place was clean and neat.

The downsides that I experienced in Chili’s restaurant relate to their new table monitors with menu items and games that are not free. Flipping through the menu, I entered the game and paid $1 more than I expected. I do not mind because I had money, but this point may cause the conflicts.  Special warning should be communicated on the monitor to avoid problems. However, in general terms, I should admit that Chili’s in Orem is an ordinary chain of dinner restaurants with typical student’s service and reasonable prices. The main idea is to offer people substantial but cheap foods, while delivering quality and fast services. Albeit noisy and loud atmosphere, the place will certainly serve you with delicious food at a decent price and quality.

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