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In the article “Can the NFL get to $25 billion?” Daniel Kaplan, the author, provides various approaches which, if considered by the NFL, could help it achieve the lofty revenue goal. The National Football League (NFL) is known for being the highest level of professional American football in the United States. However, this does not provide it with significant advantages during the financial crisis despite its success and record-breaking popularity. Throughout the article, the author makes certain suggestions that could be applied to an individual’s future career and professional goals.

First, for NFL to achieve its $25-billion goal, its management must know what it requires to meet such an aggressive revenue target. It is notable that such an aim can be achieved if the league incorporates standards that are beyond the traditional ones. As the former NFL and San Diego Charges executive states, “Traditional areas are very tough to grow” (Kaplan, 2013). It, thus, means that applying a revenue target that is beyond the existing one would help the league compete not only with international entertainment brands, but with consumer goods producers as well. For instance, NFL increases the value of game tickets and makes them more worth buying by adding new experiences to the traditional premium seats (Kaplan, 2013). This would help it meet its revenue target in a way; but that would not be enough, of course.

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It, therefore, means that, in order to achieve any career objective and reputable professional standards, one must understand what is required to meet such goals. An individual should not rely only on traditional ways of professionalism and career development. A person ought to present oneself as a member of international elite. Therefore, an individual must be rather creative and innovative in order to meet future career goals.

Second, for NFL to achieve its $25-billion goal, it must identify and evaluate the main factors that propel revenue growth. For this reason, NFL identifies media as an important engine that can help it in achieving its target. While NFL has invested in media by means of TV contracts that run through 2014 to 2022, it took a step towards ensuring that it reaps more profit from rights fees, especially from traditional outlets on broadcast and cable TV (Kaplan, 2013). Even though media are a potential engine for revenue collection, for NFL to invest on NFL Network’s packages in order to meet the lofty revenue goal, it must calculate what it can gain from rights fees against what it can lose on subscription and ad sales. This means that identifying the propelling revenue growth engine is not enough to guarantee sufficient returns; on the other hand, an effective evaluation of the chosen medium of investment is what can help the organization under research achieve its set goals.

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Consequently, NFL believes that, by positioning itself at international market, it will be able to achieve its revenue target. Through having a big plan for global expansion, which includes selling live games and TV rights in Asia among other continents, NFL is not only able to establish itself on the world stage, but earn sufficient revenue as well. Additionally, through a global expansion plan, NFL can achieve its target if it is able to position itself in zones that have large revenue base. This is evident in the league’s plan that has seen the team moving to Los Angeles: the second-largest market in America (Kaplan, 2013). It is, therefore, a potential locality for sufficient revenue collection.

Based on the materials stated above, achieving future success in one’s career and meeting professional goals requires more than placing yourself at the international front, but rather involves being in a location that can nurture and explore such goals. As an individual who wants to develop and succeed in a certain career and profession, one must understand that achieving the established goals requires a favorable environment that can adequately promote growth and development.


In conclusion, the $25-billion target for NFL has provided a model through which an individual can achieve his or her future career and professional goals. It is imperative to note that setting those aims is essential for future achievements. However, factors such as environment (location), identification and evaluation of propelling engines, and the goals themselves must be thoroughly considered before taking steps. In doing so, an individual is able to invest in his or her career or profession in a manner that exhibits the domestic standards thereby being a key pillar in the international arena.

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