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List three most accurate assessment result areas and briefly describe each why each one appears to be accurate.

The assessment category “What Rewards do I value most” very well describes my personality. A good pay is important, but I pay attention more to prestigious title, vacation type, job security, pleasant condition, and flexible schedule. I want to work in a friendly and secure atmosphere. However, I need a prestigious title. The title is showcase for the society. I am a family oriented person, and that is why I need vacation and flexible schedule.

Degree to which a person is prone to rush for time is measured thru “Am I a Type A” personality assessment. Someone who is aggressively trying to achieve more and more in little time is characterized as Type A + personality. With the score 126, I belong to this category of personality. I strive to do more things at a time, I sit on feelings, and I have few interests outside work. The assessment result describes my characters.

I believe, the category “What’s my emotional intelligence score?” defines me well. My total score in this category is 31. The assessment says that individuals with score 40 and higher posses high Emotional intelligence. So, I do not belong to this category. However, when I analyze five basic dimensions that this assessment taps, they put me in the rank of people with high empathy (9 out of 10), and social skills (8 out of 10). These categories describe my character. I am concerned about other people well-being and sympathetic to causes that bring people grief.

List the three least accurate assessment result areas and briefly describe each why one appears to not fit or describe you

“ What is my leadership style” assessment illustrates me that I am a task oriented and not people oriented leader. I cannot agree with this assessment, since my emotional intelligence test shows that I am a person who care for others, and sympathizes others. This assessment does not fit me.

In “What type of organizational structure do I prefer?” assessment, I scored 58. The analysis of this assessment explains that individuals with score between 45 and 60 have no clear preference about organizational structure. It means it does not matter to them whether it is a mechanistic or organic organization. Mechanistic is highly bureaucratic organization. On the contrary, organic organizations are flexible. I am a person who likes pleasant condition, and flexible schedule at work. I won’t get this opportunity at mechanistic organization. I should belong to individuals who prefer organic structures. Therefore, this assessment does not fit me.

In the assessment test “Am I a deliberate decision maker?”, I scored 18 out of 35. Score between 14 and 27 characterize a blend personality. I am close to 14. Score below 14 defines people who are prone to rush. According to this assessment, I am more close to the people who rush. However, the assessment category “What rewards do I value most” describes me as a personality who likes prestigious title over salary, vacation and flexible schedule. An individual with aforementioned characters are not be prone to rush. That is why this assessment does not fit me.

Based upon your results, how would you describe two of your greatest strengths? Explain how you demonstrate those strengths in Scholl or work

The assessment “What is my basic personality”, shows that I am a conscientiousness, and agreeableness personality. The assessment “What is my emotional intelligence score?”, defines me that I am an empathetic person. I use these qualities to build a good team around me who help me in achieving my goals at work without conflict and in harmony.

Identify what changes you should or could make that might require you to be uncomfortable or act outside your preferences

Among all assessment tests “Am I a type - A person”, indicates that that hardcore Type A persons are prone to heart attack. My score is 126, and according to it, I am a A + type person. This number tells me that I need to change some of my behaviors to turn A+ type personality to A- type. To become a Type A– personality I need to reduce score from126 to 100. I need to think changing behaviors; (1) Try to do many things at once, (2) Fast (eating, walking, etc.), (4) “Sit on Feelings”. Will it be difficult and uncomfortable? Yes it will be, but it is worth trying since it relates to my health.

What specific behavior(s) will you change to make this a stronger area for you?

The assessment “Am I a deliberate decision maker?” informs me that I am more close to personality who tends to rush. I scored 18 in this assessment. I also scored 18 in the assessment “Am I a Procrastinator?” Score analysis of “Am I a Procrastinator” indicates that score 13 characterizes a person who does not delay decisions and life activities. Once I analyze both scores, I tend to accept that I am not a deliberate decision maker. My goal is to achieve score 28 or above. Individuals with scores 28 or above have deliberate personality. To do so, I need to add more points thru behavior change. The following behavioral changes should help me to achieve the goal; (1) Need to change “I jump into things without thinking” from large extent to very little extent, (2) Need to change “I make rush decision” from large extent to very little extent, (3) Need to change “I act quickly without thinking” from large extent to a very little extent, (4) Need to change “I rush into things” from large extent to a very little extent.

What are potential consequences, both positive and negative to making those changes?

The described above behavior changes will add 12 points to my score, and my new score will be 30. I will then rank to deliberate personality. There are no negative consequences if I become a deliberate person.

Do your results confirm your career aspirations or are they odds with you? Please describe

your career and then explain whether the results you received support your aspirations.

My career aspiration is to work at a comfortable place in a friendly atmosphere. I want o do my job, and not forget about my family and people who are around me. I want to avoid conflict and collaborate with people to give the best result to the company. The assessment in this regard correctly illustrates my personality.

Write a short overall summary of your experience with these assessments

This assessment instrument is interesting. I found many interesting things about my character, which I never thought previously. The assessment made me think who I am and what I am looking for in life and at job. The assessment also helped me to understand what behavioral changes will improve my quality.


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