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Free «Just Too Much: Yong Folks Burn out on Online Sharing» Essay Sample

In the article Social sites becoming too much of a good thing: Many young folks burn out on online sharing Ellen Lee discussed the problem of overuse of the Internet. The author shows different points of view on this problem.

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Social networking sites have become extremely popular nowadays. The author points out that the young people are doing too much sharing online. They share any possible information about themselves. There were examples of sharing lives of one’s pets online, lists of favorite films, songs, of daily life and so on.

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However, people are getting tired of online sharing as it takes a lot of time and becomes boring. Very often it becomes too social and time consuming and results in undone home tasks of students which is followed by low grades.

Besides, the author points out that in spite of the efforts of some people to continue active social life on the Internet, online sharing is experiencing decrease from the side of the Internet users. That is, a kind of social networking fatigue can be observed on the social networking sites. The author proves this statement by giving the statistics of the traffic to the most popular social sites which has been steadily falling since August.

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The author tries to explain this tendency due to the Web fatigue. That is, social sharing is not new any more. The people are tired of it and want something new.

Besides, the whole generation grew up on online sharing. Some of its representatives realized that there is something more important in their lives then just sitting in front of computer. They are to study at colleges, they are to love, that is – they are to live in reality.

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