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Question 1:

List three most accurate assessment result areas and briefly describe each why each one appears to be accurate.

I scored 90 out of 108 in the assessment for section “How good am I at building and leading a team?” This put me in the second quartile while the top quartile starts at 95. The assessment is based on the following criteria: (1) ability of team development, (2) ability of managing the forming stage, (3) ability of managing the conforming stage, (4) ability of managing the storming stage, (5) ability of managing the performing stage. My scores are:

In ability of team development 10 out of 12,

In ability of managing the forming stage - 16 out of 18,

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In ability of managing the conforming stage - 23 of 30,

In ability of managing the storming stage - 23 of 30,

In ability of managing the performing stage - 16 of 18.

In building a team, forming and conforming stages play a vital role. I achieved 77 % and 88 % respectively in these categories. I also scored 88 % in performing stage. High scores in forming, conforming, and performing categories define a leadership personality

I scored 123 out of 168 for “Am I a Type A” personality. The interpretation says that those with scores 120 or higher are Type A+ personality. Individuals with A + type personality feel impatient and rush strive to do more things at a time. These characteristics describe me. At the same time, I do not sacrifice quality over quantity. I agree that my A+ type personality brings me little stress, but I am well educated to mange it, which gave me second quartile position in building and leading a team.

It is necessary to identify the characteristic of leader type personality. The assessment for “What’s My Leadership Style” ranked me people oriented with the score 8. This is a right for the leader’s personality. Tasks are necessary, but it should not be achieved by sacrificing people. The assessment says, when employees are experienced and understand their jobs well, they tend to perform best with a people oriented leader

Question 2

List the three least accurate assessment result areas and briefly describe each why one appears to not fit or describe you

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The assessment “Am I a deliberate decision maker?” does not fit me. I scored 21 out of 35. Assessment interprets score 28 and higher attributes to deliberate personalities. The score 14 – 27 defines blend mixture personality. I cannot be blend mixture personality, when I am a second quartile personality in building and leading a team, and when my emotional intelligence characterizes me with self-awareness score 9 out of 10 and self management score 8 out of 10. An individual with high self-awareness and management personality tends to be deliberate.

In the assessment of my leadership style, I scored 2 for concern for task. The score above 10 is considered high. My score is low for a person with A + personality, and with second top quartile personality in building and leading a team. That is why score 2 for concern for task does not fit me.

The extraversion score of basic personality is 8. However, a second top quartile leader in building and leading cannot have low extraversion score. That is why this score does not suit me.

Question 3.

Based upon your results, how would you describe two of your greatest strengths?  Explain how you demonstrate those strengths in Scholl or work

Based upon the results, two of my greater strengths are: (1) “How good am I at building and leading a team?”, and (2) “What is my preferred conflict handling style”.  I am second quartile personality in building and leading a team, and accommodating personality (scored 18 out of 20) in conflict handling. As a leader, I try to build a team and lead for the best of the company. Conflict is evident, when one is building a team and leading a team. Handling conflict is important for a leader for the sake of the team.  I handle it using my accommodating personality.

Question 4

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Identify what changes you should or could make that might require you to be uncomfortable or act outside your preferences

According to assessment, I am a A + type person scoring 123. I need to reduce this number to 100, and become A- personality. I need to reduce scores in areas; (1) Always feel rushed, (2) Try to do many things at once, (3) Fast (eating, walking, etc.), (4) “Sit on Feelings”. It will be difficult and uncomfortable for me reduce habits that I have grown for years. However, I have to save myself from a heart attack, as A+ personality porn to it.

Question 5

What specific behavior(s) will you change to make this a stronger area for you?

I scored 21 in assessment for “Am I a deliberate decision maker?”. Individuals with scores 28 or above have deliberate personality. I need to achieve this personality. I need to change following behaviors; (1) Category “I make rush decision” from somewhat to very little extent, (2) Category “I jump into things without thinking” from somewhat to very little extent, (3) Category “I act quickly without thinking” from somewhat to a very little, (4) Category “I rush into things” from somewhat to a very little extent.

Question 6

What are potential consequences, both positive and negative to making those changes?

There are no negative consequences. These changes will include 8 points to my score, and my new score will be 29. According to analysis and interpretations I will rank to deliberate personality.

Question 7

Do your results confirm your career aspirations or are they odds with you? Please describe

your career and then explain whether the results you received support your aspirations.

My career aspiration is to become a leader and form a strong team that achieves high results at work. The assessment illustrates that I am a second quartile personality in building and leading a team. A leader needs to have self-managed personality, and I posses that quality.

Question 8

Write a short overall summary of your experience with these assessments

This is a fair assessment instrument. It made think about different areas of my character. The questionnaires are tailored well to illustrate the quality of a person per described category. However, the assessment test procedure for “What’s my leadership style” is made unnecessary complex and does not make sense.

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