Free «Atheist Files Complaint over Pennsylvania Restaurant's Discount for Churchgoers» Essay Sample

In this article the author tells us about the incident which happened in Lancaster County, Pa. There is a nice restaurant Prudhomme’s Lost Cajun Kitchen. For more than a year it has offered a Sunday special: the persons bringing in a current church bulletin got 10 per cent off the price of their dinners.

But there was such person as John Wolff who did not like it. He was an atheist and a member of Freedom From Religion Foundation. He accused the restaurant of pushing religion.

Sharon Prudhomme, the restaurant’s co-owner, said that many people of the community who go to church are their regular customers. They just wanted to drum up customers. She also added that she ran an independent restaurant and that not only churchgoers but every person could take a bulletin from any church and cash it in their restaurant on the discount. She also said she did not see the difference between their promotion and the promotions the other restaurants were giving, for example, discounts for senior citizens or free meals for children under 12.

John Wolff aged 80 said that he came across the advertisement of the restaurant’s promotion while searching the Internet for the restaurant he would like to go to. But he was annoyed greatly at the restaurant’s bulletin discount for churchgoers. He said he filed the complaint because he was interested in social justice and did not like all that religiosity. He also added that the matter was not in the very case. He just wanted to draw attention to such kind of problem.


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