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“The Fat One” is an incredible essay which applies especially simple and expressive language to carry out the important ideas and issues which haunt society nowadays. Firstly , the healthy way of life has always been a number one problem among the citizens of each country who succumb to various bad habits. Beginning from the well-known alcohol and drugs abuse, and ending with the neglect of sports and promotion of ill manners. Secondly, the importance of the support of the close people is vital for personal self-esteem. Additional motivation and reminder by someone who you love and trust is a significant contribution to the development of personal strengths. Thirdly, the topicality of the problems highlighted in the essay in today’s world. Obesity, escape from responsibility for one’s own life as well as for the family, inability to do anything without the help of others which reveals general lack of knowledge and laziness that are so common among people nowadays who prefer to stay in their comfort zone and flow with the river without the slightest initiative for a change.

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Unfortunately, leading the unhealthy way of life has become an issue which causes deaths of millions of people. Multiple diseases are caused by the harmful food which has no nutritional usefulness and can only contaminate human’s body. People forgot to live in harmony with the nature, consuming those products which it gives to us and which can fill our organisms with needed energy.

Fast-food chains, especially popular across the United States, flourishing tobacco companies and alcohol providers are enjoying the millions of dollars that flow into their pockets. They do not think of the health of the nation which has become too weak to think on its own. A couple of successful commercials on TV and everyone runs to the nearest supermarket to get a new highly-effective washing gel for the floors, or a candy that will make you fly on the ninth sky from pleasure. People have become very easy to manipulate. They do not understand anymore what is really good for them and what is not – they just want to be like everyone else, in time with the trendy novelties that often distinguish their position in the society.

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“The Fat One” shows how smoking can destroy your health triggering other serious issues such as the excessive consumption of unhealthy food, lack of exercising, and as an outcome, the suffering self-esteem as everyone around you starts to consider you a loser. These issues exist without smoking, of course, however, “The Fat One” accentuates that if there is one drawback then there would be the others. The negative attracts the negative more effectively than the positive because people prefer hearing bad news on TVs, radios and read about them on the Internet. Bad news spread faster. People are fond of discussing other people’s problems and complain about their own instead of going and solving their own and generously help others with theirs.

The son of the quitting smoker is a good example how despite the influence of the society people fight for their dreams, however, in a very humble way – he dislikes his father leading such way of life but he still goes to buy him killing hot dogs. The boy cannot stop from performing his father’s will even when he sees that no good is done, but some additional money is never too much for the son. Nonetheless, the son recognizes that he helps in destroying of his father’s health, and elaborates his special method of making the older man think finally.

Creativity is crucial in the modern world where everything seems to be already discovered, invented and explored. Though, it is far from the truth. Creative approach of the son finally breaks the shield of his father who stops consuming bad food, and begins exercising in order to lose weight. The common sense is in each of us, however, sometimes we have to reach some point to discover it, and do what is best for us.

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