Free «Atheists Rally for Persecuted Unbeliever in Indonesia» Essay Sample

In the article “Atheists Rally for Persecuted Unbeliever in Indonesia”, Kimberly Winston tells us about the incident with Alexander Aan which happened in Indonesia. He was beaten and imprisoned for writing in the Internet that God does not exist. Now, he is sentenced to 30 months of prison for spreading information leading to religious hatred. He was charged with profanity which is a crime in Indonesia.

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American humanist organization the Center for Inquiry filed a petition on his behalf. They expressed the opinion that the basic human rights were infringed in this case.

In their petition, they ask the US administration to help release Aan from the jail by pressing the Indonesian government that Indonesia must better protect the right for religious freedom in their country.

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As I see the situation, the author does not point to any positive or negative opinion trying to persuade that somebody is right or wrong. She is just giving the information without inclination to any part.

As for me, I do not support any part discussed in this article. I think that God does exist as I am a religious person. That is why I do not back up Aan. On the other hand, all people on the earth must have some basic human rights one of which is the right for religious freedom. I think that you can have this freedom but you should not impose your point of view on anybody else.

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