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The ENG 200-Feminist Therapy (The ENG 200-Feminist Therapy. n.d. ) video aims to bring up the topic of patriarchy in media and reflect on its emergence and legacy. The video is compiled of exerpts from commercials and the world’s classic cinema – elements of media which are thought to be most influential. This may well be an apt example of institutionalized sexism, institution being the media, through which gender-role stereotypes are spread and encouraged. International in scope and multidisciplinary in approach, the gender factor spreads across national borders, institutions and disciplines. Naturally, when watching these films people tend to internalize the information they carry, react, transform and respond to it subconsciously. Watching the video in terms of feminist therapy, the clients will be asked to consider the message purposefuly, analyze it and develop own opinion about gender equity, patriarchy, power analysis, institutionalized sexism, social transformation and relabeling. This is the very essence of feminist therapy: helping the clients develop feminist consciousness through social transformation, which is to be originated on the mental level. This is an effective consciousness-raising technique which attributes gender-role analysis, assertiveness training conducted by being offered to detect and reflect upon gender-role expectations and the overall engenderment of life (Worell J., Remer D., 2003).

The video’s rationale is quite simple: people of all gender, race and age hear, watch, experience, acquire and comprehend messages from the media, yet rarely conceptualize or disseminate these messages through it. Thus, the clients will be encouraged to explore the development, background, launch and reception of this groundbreaking topic and reflect on the legacy and challenges of creating, developing and nurturing an egalitarian relationship and setting life principles of thier own. The ENG 200-Feminist Therapy video is a valid tool for arousing and stimulating an effective, meaningful and impartial feminist therapy discourse.


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