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For hundreds of years The Book of Five Rings has been a wealth for trying to delve into the spirit and the mind of the warrior. The author Miyamoto Musashi was a noted Samurai and in Japan he is known as the Sword Saint. At the age of thirteen, he killed his first adversary. He fought more than sixty duels without losing a single one. In the book, he noted the secrets that lead to success. These secrets can be applied not only in military skills but in any situation in the modern world that involves confrontation. The book has been widely translated and ideal for those who are serious about succeeding in the business field of warfare.

Miyamoto Musashi had written The Book of Five Rings focusing on kenjutsu and martial arts during the second half of the 17th century. The book has captured the attention of not only those interested in martial arts but also the business world because of its talks on conflict and how to reap gains from it in their specific field of work.

The author’s attitude is practical. He repeatedly says that techniques and tools are important to cut down the opponent. He adds that the principles outlined are applicable whether on a mini or major scale and that they need to be thoroughly investigated in practice and not by mere learning through reading.

The five books point to the notion that a battle is comprised of different elements – similar to the five elements in life. The introduction of the The Book of Earth talks about martial arts, leadership, and training. The Book of Water discusses basic techniques and principles. The Book of Fire focuses on different timings in a war. The Book of Wind talks on failures of current schools of sword play. The Book of Void concludes the treatise through the use of esoteric terms. It is influenced by Zen philosophy and the need for proper mindset.


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