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The movie starts with Luther’s vowing to become then a monk. The film continues with struggles of Martin to reconcile his own desire of sanctification amongst his additional disgust of the hypocrisy as well as corruption pervading hierarchy of the churches. Luther was accused of heresy and had to face the ruling princes together with the cardinal, requesting them to publish the scriptures and make them available to all believers as well as guiding the church concerning faith through righteousness and justice (Roland 42).

The film started with Luther Martin attempting to survive a very severe storm. Concerning my observation as a  citizen, Luther, in this movie, promised to become a monk in case God could have let him stay alive after the storm. According to the explanation in this movie, Luther became a monk after surviving. The man went to Rome with the aim of delivering a letter that belonged to a priest and experienced how Rome was highly corrupt. Luther decided to purchase the indulgence for Luther Hendricks, who was his grandfather. The man was informed that his grandfather was to be set free from Purgatory as well as admitted into the gates of heaven. Luther discovered that matters were not that way and decided to return to Germany in order to have a conversation with the priest. As a result, the priest decided to send Luther to Wittenberg so that he could perform a doctorate in theology. That was because the priest understood that Luther had all the quality to open his eyes and change mind while in Wittenberg. The man went to confession and became aggravated about himself. Therefore, he contributed to the way the society perceived materials. This included cases concerning the burial of a child that committed suicide outside the sacred grounds; he as well preached to the churches and informed peoples about his views towards God had transformed in a new way. According to the way a Chinese student comprehends this film, Luther continued his lectures of the theology class and even ended up making some fun concerning capital as well as indulgences which the Prince gathered. In the film, Luther was warned by Spalatin, who was the prince’s secretary, that he had to avoid frustrating the Prince. Luther was specifically given that warning in the movie because the Prince was catering for Luther’s studies at the University (James 53).

When he realized the effect of Tetzel John preaching, Martin wrote his 95 Theses, and then decided to stick them on the church door. That encouraged the Bystanders to take the theses and apply a press with the aim to change them back to the books. That enabled people to get copies and ideas easily, facilitating easier and faster spread of information. That made the pope Leo X think that Martin was a drunken monk from Germany who was to transform his vies when he gets sober.

The movie also elaborated on how Spalatin informed Luther about the fact that he was under the threat of excommunication and, as a result, was supposed to present himself in Augsburg. In the film, Luther was prepared and educated on how he was going to defend himself before the Cardinal concerning his stand. Unfortunately, Luther never observed those instructions at all and, instead, he decided to remain with his stand. As a result, Leo X ordered to burn Martin’s, and Martin was excommunicated. That resulted in Martin translating the New Testament of the Bible into German. That was because he knew that the ordinary citizens required understanding the scripture very well. As a result, he was given time, and when were questioned if he was recant, he requested to be given more time deliver his answer. On the same night in the movie, Luther decided to confess.  The following day, it was a different story as Martin decided to refuse to recant. That made the Cardinal request Luther to be presented to Rome; only prince Frederick objected the order. As a result, Luther was kidnapped and kept in a WartburgCastle. The kidnapping of the man resulted to in chaos in the city amongst the citizens. The church was as a result brought down and set on fire as people demanded Luther. He disguised himself like a knight going ahead to stop people from demolishing the church (Mary 1).

Luther later finished to translate the New Testament into the German language and decided to dedicate it to Frederick. He finally met with Katharina and decided to marry her. Fom the movie, I realized that Luther was a hero to many people, villain sectarian, arrogant, divisive as well as racist. There was also a clear elaboration in the movie indicating that Martin toured the Christian world apart, and his legacy exists even nowadays (Marti 93)

The film continued to indicate that it was established in 1505 and went ahead up to twenty five years later. In the movie, we also saw the most poor people in the society offering the everything they owned to the church in order to ransom their family members and the loved people from purgatory. The movie continued to inform showing that Luther was send to Wittenberg by his father to learn Bible, he started to realize that even relics had practically no value and indulgences had no support of Bible. This encouraged him to form theology that had to turn him away from the Church.

As a result of Luther’s Diet of Worms, his famousness exploded among the peasants. In the movie, when the man was moved away to the safe ecosystem by Frederick of Saxony, war erupted, and Luther, although he supported them, soon turned against them. The movie came to a climax after the meeting was held in Augsburg, and that was where Germany’s princes objected the papacy preferring to die rather than submit to Roman rule (Roland 269).

In the movie, we also experience the weakness and fell how it was difficult to perform justice during twenty five years that were so important and filled with significant events in only two hours as we saw Luther doing. He had famous moments that made him commit his entire life to ensure that the church was well established as well as establish his stand in front of the Diet of Worms and his wrestle with Satan and also with himself. Although we were introduced to Tetzel Johan and his consciousness selling of indulgences and heard Luther’s biting response, some significant events were left out. Surprisingly, we never saw one of Luther’s most famous incidents when he threw an ink bottle at Satan. Nowadays, that ink stain still exists , and it is quite popular tourist attraction (Martin 2). At the same time, the most vivid weakness of the film was that we experienced little of Luther’s theology. It was a surprising issue that Luther was mainly a theologian.

In conclusion, in the movie, it is seen how Luther tried to bring transformation in the church when he was sent to undertake Bible studies. We can also see the weakness expressed by Luther but only little was shown in his theology. Lastly, the film shows what the citizens or Catholic believers underwent through having a hard time during this period, as the poorest people sacrificed the little they owned with an aim of establishing the church.


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