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Banerjee Divakaruni describes in his article “Clothes” the life of, Sumita, a young Indian woman, who moved in to America, and how this transition influenced her clothes. Sari is the traditional attire for women in India and each color has its own purpose. Moreover, the clothes also show whether the woman is daughter or wife.

The article begins with the would-be bride in a yellow sari. The yellow here means the peace or coming of new times. Next scene and Sumita is in pink symbolizing possibility, luck, and marriage. This sari also indicates her family wealth. Moreover, pink marks the transition from daughter to wife. For traveling to the USA, Sumita chooses blue and red sari as the colors of possibility and luck for a married woman.

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In California, she proudly tries on new American clothes – the gift of Somesh. Sumita is marveled at the lines which show the curves of her body – so long hidden under the various saris. Orange becomes the color of joy, new life in America. Cream and brown are the colors of her desired work in the store. The color of almonds indicates the appearance of a strong, self-confident woman who is not afraid of life’s challenges.

While reading the article I had a mixture of feelings, however, they were all marked with sadness. In my opinion, the happier the person, the less attention she will pay to such minor details as the color of clothes – even despite the fact that color transmits a powerful meaning, it should not influence people’s decisions or way of life. On the other hand, the clothes of Sumita show us how she changes her personality and becomes a real woman, American woman. Divakaruni shows us all the mysteries of the Indian culture through color, indicating the importance of it in expressing emotions, social statuses, and even family situations. After the read article, India resembles to me a beautiful flower blooming to find success and beautiful life.

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