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“Gran Torino”, a drama movie by Clint Eastwood released in 2008, depicts a story of a man who became widowed after fifty years of marriage. The main idea of the movie is the importance of a sincere desire to help others. Once Walt Kowalski saved life (in any understanding) of Thao, the young teenager, the other lesson learnt: In order to succeed in life, one should be brave enough to leave his or her comfort zone.  Thao leads a very hard life which is only worsened by the attitude of his family, when they made him work for Walt as a punishment for his misdoings.

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The movie has a few comic actions in the beginning – Clint Eastwood‘s easy hand for making them is very obvious there. With the unfolding of the story, the gangbangers come and Walt has to reach for his gun. In this spot the movie turns from a light comedy into a serious drama. Drama does not finish this transformation and the next what people can see is an unexpected turn to tragic events. Such situations are common in many movies and people have definitely seen something similar, however, not completely.

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An interesting point about the movie is that the scenes are not changing lightly, so the viewer can predict what will happen next. This change is quite drastic and adds certain charm and also fatality to the movie as viewers understand that anything can happen. “Gran Torino” has a feeling of sadness, lost dreams, and, actually, a real requiem.

Melancholy is everywhere. It is etched into the streets, faces, and even laughter of people. Detroit seems to be particularly gloomy city despite upsurge in the industrial development. The movie reminds viewers of the country where they live as of something very negative, leaving a bitter taste afterwards: The country which does so very little right for the people, the city where people do not want to work, and about the ineffective industry which can barely produce some good cars (Walt’s passion for his car becomes especially poignant here).

In the whole movie there is no dominating female character that could have been accepted for the object of anxiety and longing. Therefore, these feelings should be obtained from something else, for example, the telling of Kowalski.

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When people watch “Gran Torino”, they always see that it reminds them many other movies, but despite this, the movie still has a great impact on practically each viewer. Clint Eastwood’s endemic way of filming the movie is also present: “Gran Torino” starts with the death and ends with the death, as if wanting to show everyone how short life is, and that we should learn to treasure each second of it, because the moment will come when it will be too late and nothing can be done t change the situation.

Unfortunately, many people never do anything about their lives and it ends with broken dreams, unreached goals, undone things, and unsaid words. People choose a path of laziness, scare of risk, and prefer hiding behind the shadow of others to avoid responsibility for what will happen in tomorrow next.

“Gran Torino” is definitely one of those movies which must be seen. The ideas of racism are reflected so well, that everyone who suffers from the same ‘disease’ will get a good insight into their souls: An opportunity to see oneself from the side, objectively, and understand how intolerance and hatred can affect our life.

In conclusion, I would like to say that “Gran Torino” is not an easy to watch movie as it has enough psychological pressure. However, for the ready mind, it will give a new material for thinking of life and the deeds that one performs each day including the effect of behavior on the surrounding people.

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