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One of the most impressive experiences of my life was my trip to Egypt. This trip has changed my perception of the world: I saw a nation who lives in a very opposite way that we do, a country with two very opposite styles of life, however, with one common feature – based around Islam. During my stay in Egypt with my mother, I understood one thing: No matter how clever I can be, no matter how many books I read, if I do not travel I will always see only the first page of the book of life. The importance of traveling is drastic for finding yourself as when you explore the world, you discover unknown sides of yourself.

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In Egypt we had the opportunity to visit a couple of coastal cities. Having arrived to the Cairo International Airport, I was stroke at once with the unusual clothes of men, and especially women: covered face, head, arms; very loose attire to hide the curves of the body; unusual language with very expressive tones which made me feel like everyone was shouting. Despite the alienating looks of people, they were very friendly and helpful, especially if you pay them money. In Egypt, the touristic spot for the whole world, people got used to earning some money on tourists either by offering services of a guide or taking pictures of tourists on camels. However, the beauty of the nature, its uniqueness and unusualness, made a great impact on me. I have never seen such huge spaces of hot sand that make your vision blurred when you look too long at it, palm trees of different kinds and sizes, trees with such bright flowers which I have not seen even in the best Hollywood movies, and the vast horizons of turquoise-blue water of the sea.

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Egypt, as well as any other country that was once a powerful civilization thousands of years ago, has many mysteries. I remember as now our arrival to the Pyramids. The morning was quiet and the sun was not as scorching as during the day, there were very few people on the site, so we had a good opportunity to enjoy the solemn beauty of the place. The history became alive. The Pyramids stood on much larger distance from one another than we see in the movies, and especially from the Sphinx, the never-sleeping guard of the Giza Pyramids. However, they are not less impressive. I was surprised to feel the coldness of stone they are built of, as the heat was starting to be felt in the air, however, the Pyramids seemed to be stoical against the desert’s sun. I had a desire to sit there and meditate – the air felt healing and thoughtful, calming and peaceful.

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Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to enter the Sphinx, however, the view we saw from a near road did not impress me as much as I was mesmerized when watched documentaries on it or saw it in the books. The Sphinx is in a very bad state, and looks not as majestic as I imagined. This is the problem of many people when their expectations are too high and we often feel disappointed as reality does not correspond to our imagination. If we learnt to demand less from people and accepted them the way they are, we would be much happier.

Then we enjoyed the ancient beauty of Alexandria – nice beaches of the Mediterranean Sea are a pleasure for the eye. Ancient library, sun shade clocks, and the miraculous parks by the beach made you look back through thousands of years to the flourishing civilization. The fauna world was also amazing: huge insects that seem to scare no one of the local inhabitants, funny camels and poor-looking horses and colorful birds with fabulous looks attract the tourists’ attention. However, the most striking was the underwater world: parti-colored corals that extend for many meters, sea urchins, stinging jellyfish, and the most amazing kinds of fish that can only be found.

The Fortress of Alexandria is also an impressive sight. Many people come there just to have a walk and relax by the sea. Tourists together with the native citizens visit this place in any time of the year as, despite a lot of people, one can always find a quiet and peaceful nook to sit back, relax and think.

In Port Said one can observe an impressive view where the Mediterranean Sea meets the Suez Canal which links the Red Sea from the other side of the country to the Mediterranean Sea. The Suez Canal is considered to be the longest man-made channel in the world.

In conclusion I would like to say that Egypt was a good lesson for me. It made me think more about life values and showed me that the world is much broader than we can imagine, that there are many things which we cannot understand and sometimes it is better to accept them without trying to change it.

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