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The movie “For Colored Girls” follows the story of couples as they struggle with marital and relationship problems. One of the storylines involves a couple who are raising two children. At some point in the story, the husband commits a terrible crime towards the children. Parental discipline is the basic of mannerisms in the community.  The saying “charity begins at home” means that we carry the teachings of our parents all through our lives. Parents are hence tasked with the responsibility of instilling discipline in their children.

In the movie, Beau Willie, who plays the role of a deranged husband murders his own children by dropping them off a fifth floor window. While it is not for their mistakes, it is because he wanted to punish his wife for whom he suspected of having an affair behind his back. This is a scenario where parents enforce unfair disciplinary measures on undeserving children.

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There is also the storyline of a father who rapes her daughter and forces her to have sexual relations with an older man so as to sire grandchildren. Although such occurrences are rare, they sometime happen even in the current generation.

Such kinds of actions are immoral and illegal especially in a family setting. Instead of punishing children with such cruel means, parents should look into more effective modes such as dialogue or light spanking. While physical disciplining is not the most advisable means to apply while disciplining children, sometimes there needs to be a vivid description of authority in a child parent relationship. Unlike the two parental figures discussed in this review, parents should strive to maintain a functional relationship with their children. This should be one where there is love without fear. If parents discipline their children very harshly, they might end up cultivating fear or even hatred for their parents. For everybody raising children, this should be information that they should keep in mind. 

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