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Movies are meant to be dramatic and educative. While entertainment is usually the primary objective of motion pictures, the audience always appreciates useful lessons that they can apply in their lives. Married couples benefit greatly from movies with marriage as one of the themes. Marriage is a journey that two people choose to undertake. They meet challenges along the way and hence have to look for sources of inspiration and guidance. Some movies offer lessons and guidance.

The movie “The Vow” is based on a real story about a couple who went through a traumatic event shortly after their wedding. The main characters are involved in car crash shortly after getting married. The woman losses part of her memory, and cannot remember the husband or anything pertaining to their life together. Being deeply in love with his wife, the husband fights to save their marriage, even though the wife still views him as a stranger.

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Such faith and perseverance in fighting for something that one believes in is necessary in a marriage. The husband had faith in God, and in the end they rekindle their love affair. The events that transpired in this movie are a clear indication that God works miracles and that those who believe in him will always get their heart’s desires.

Couples can use this lesson to overcome difficulties in their marriages. No matter how dire a situation is, one can always turn to God for help. It is hence necessary to have a personal relationship with God so that you can turn to Him in times of trouble.

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