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This article is directed towards exploring the role of youths in today’s economic front. This is done through looking at the influences in which children have over the purchases made by the American families. Nowadays children have money and freedom to buy everything they want, ranging from food to clothes and other expensive devices. While this may not necessarily affect their quality of education, it affects the quality of their childhood in many ways. For instance, monetary freedom may divert attention away from things that matter, such as education and the fun of being a child.

The author has a background in the subject. She has been conducting studies on this field for long time and has equipped herself with the necessary information to handle this topic. From the flow of the article and the details with which she makes her points, one can see that she is an expert in this area. She also uses arguments from other writers to strengthen her research and give her work credibility. She has also looked through all factors that influence the topic and provide the readers with a conclusive piece of literature regarding the topic.

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This article is useful to a wide range of readers. First, students benefit greatly from the article. Although it might not be well within their reading range, it is about them and their purchase behavior and hence they can use it to track some of their mannerisms. The language used is a bit out of the league for younger students. Hence, older students can use it for research writings. It gives a broad perspective of the American youth since it traces them back from the 1920’s to the new millennium.

The other group of people who can benefit from this article is parents. They have the sole responsibility of taking care of their children. This involves both emotional and financial care. However, there is a situation when parents can overdo the financial care. The article stipulates that children in the country have a collective income of around $9 billion. The writer quotes the age group as being 4-12 (McNeal, 1992). This is a lot of money for young children, who have not developed the mental faculties to deal with such large amounts of money. It hence puts a question on the quality of parentage that these children receive.

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Some of the media channels are highlighted in the article such as television, radio and magazines. These are the avenues that manufacturers and sellers use to get the attention of children. This begs the question of using of leisure time for children. In the 1920’s leisure time was used for activities such as fraternity parties and sports events. Nowadays children spend most of their leisure time watching television. This has both negative and positive implications. Time that is spent in front of a television could be spent on other things such as developing talents. On the other hand, exposure to advertisements such as the ones highlighted in the article offer a marketing channel that leads to increased sales.

Media houses and product advertisers have targeted children as a market group for a long time. They are informed that children have an influence over their purchase decisions, unlike in the past where all that was the responsibility of the parents. Marketers will play on the psychology of children by enticing them with bright colors and beautiful pictures to buy their products (Wojtas, 1990). Such actions have a positive influence on the economy since they help to increase money flow in the country.

One might look at the moral and ethical implications of this matter. To some extent, it does not seem right to play the American parent by using their children. A parent has the right to exercise restraint on their child tastes and hold their right to make their own purchases until 16. Children should also be given a chance to enjoy their childhood and without making any economic decisions.

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The education system is another audience that is targeted by the article. According to the author, many schools in the country have partnered up with TV advertisement initiatives such as Channel One to offer students with daily advertisements while in school (Wartella, 1995). This does not go hand in hand with learning objectives. School means time for academic teaching or any other activity that is geared towards improving the students’ knowledge. There should be no time for watching television during school hours. This is an issue that the education system in the country should consider some corrections.

The article should be interesting for the government as well.. The issues of equal importance are introduced which should be balanced in order to build a stable country. The government should ensure that nothing tampers with the education system, or the quality of education which students receive. This is because the students are the future of the country. If they are given substandard education, they will deliver inadequate leadership in the future. The government should then look into the issue of offering advertisements to children in schools. The other issue is about the economy. Purchases made by students are vital in building the economy of the country. This hence offers a conflict of interest as to whether the economy should take precedent over the quality of education. The government should find insight into the issue from reading this article.

The article is also referred to a general audience as well. There are many people who will find some new information in its content. It is also a good piece to help in policy formulation by different groups. Sellers of different commodities can use it to set up strategies of further marketing in schools or other organized communities that have target market.. Also, groups such as parents might find the information in the article relevant to them and portraying them in a certain light. A parent who feels that this article shed a negative light on them may plan to reduce or entirely cut their children’s allowances. Such a reaction may be observed after reading this article.

There are many articles that have been written pertaining to this topic. Many of them have touched on a single aspect of the diverse topic, such as the youth influence in the economy, or the role of schools in facilitating advertisement to children. This is, however, one of the few articles which have encompassed all the issues in one piece of literature. As it was mentioned, it fully illuminates the matter and hence is informative. However, one might thing that there is too much information in the piece. It would have helped to take on line of discussion and build upon it, other than touching on all the issues. Even with this, the reader is left with a better understanding of the matter after reading this article. One does not have to look to other areas in order to find additional answers. The article provides the thorough analysis of the problem and is approachable for all readers.

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