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Cultural studies approach

Culture is a vital social aspect that has been discussed in the movie, Remember the Titans, shows that there are many cultural differences that exist between people from different cultural backgrounds. However, the movie shows that these differences can be bridged to ensure prosperity. One of the most successful ways to ensure oneness is through sporting activities. The movie shows differences between students and the team supporters, but after bridging the differences, there was a lot of harmony and winning. Even the people who had deep rooted senses of racism later came to support the assorted team. However, bridging the differences calls for sacrifice, as Bill Yoast did when he returned to the team after being replaced by Herman Boone. 

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Which Characters have Authority

The strong characters include Boon, who ensures that there was equal treatment among players. Yoast is also a strong character because he supports the back players and concentrates on the team and gives little heed over the racial society and officials. The captain was a strong character because despite being a leader, he was racial and impartial. His ultimate death was a forum that brought together all the players, regardless of their races, which showed that the racial differences had been successfully bridged, even outside the sporting activities.

Racism: institutional, historical, and systematic

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Racism is a very elaborate issue throughout the movie. The school has both black and white pupils, which also reflects in the team. The head coach is black and there were many squabbles within the team, between the black and white players. The captain, for instance had a sharp conflict with another player, Julius Campbell. This was also reflected in the desire of the board to sack Boon if the team lost a single game, just because he was black. The society was also against their black players, despite the players working hard for the team.

Representations of American South

The movie has a good representation of The American South, especially regarding the racial discrimination. During filming of the movie, the American South was renowned for its racial discrimination, which was witnessed in Remember the Titans. The community around T. C. Williams High School, where the movie was based, was very aggressive and anti-blacks. The players were also engulfed in the vice, but the head coach ensured that there was equal treatment of players, regardless of their race, which formed a bond between both white and black players. He was black, but his assistant was white.

Stylistic choices: slow-motion, close-up, cinematography, musical score

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The choice of styles in the movie is commendable. They give the viewer all the time to listen, watch and internalize the activities. It also ensures that the intended emotions of the viewer are provoked, especially with regard to the choice of music in the movie. The harmony and transformations from one scene to the next were very well articulated by the cinematography and the transition was highly commendable. Overall, the styles in the movie have made it very successful in delivering the intended message of anti racialism.

Little Rock Nine

This involved a group of African-American students in a school where racialism was rampant.  Although this was a true story, just like in Remember the Titans, black students were regarded as not humans and were beaten both physically and emotionally. They would be shoved and harassed but no one would even take notice or punish the harasser. The group tried to disintegrate the belief that whites were superior while colored people were highly inferior, which he succeeded in 1957. This was a big success to the fight against racialism in the US, especially when black students did as well in exams as the white ones. In the story of Little Rock Nine and remember the Titans, racialism was successfully defeated.

Brown vs. Board of Education

This was a case where schools were denied to implement the proposals of having segregated classrooms. The court ruled that such decisions had massive violations on the 14th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits states from “reducing or diminishing the privileges of citizens and emphasizes their rights to due process and the equal protection of the law.” 

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