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Jane Eyre is a brilliant book. It was written by Charlotte Bronte and encompasses myriad themes and literary allusions, and motifs that contribute to its optimal. The book has five parts that regard the life of Jane. The classic nature of the book is depicted by how Jane trascends from her malicious aunt to become a governess and eventually tries to avoid falling in love, which was around the corner.

This paper explicates the finest nature of the novel Jane Eyre.

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Firstly, the novel has a classic nature that is depicted through the life that Jane led. It is inspiring to learn how Jane overcame her malicious aunt, survived at boarding school where her aunt sent her to become a governess. Eventually, she finds herself in a quagmire deciding whom to marry. She was cchoosing between her employer Edward Rochester and St. John Rivers who was also her cousin.

Secondly, many themes are availed in the novel that tickle a reader’s fancy. However, one theme that stands out concerns love and passion, which brings out an infighting between conscience and passion. A reader cannot fail to realize how Jane struggles regarding conscience and passion.

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Lastly, myriad motifs from Gothic fiction are utilized in the novel. Examples include “The Madwoman in the Attic”, “Gothic Manor”, and “Byronichero”. The atmosphere of suspense created by the dark secrets present in “The Mystery of Thornfield Manor” also has a Gothic background that is captivating. Jane Erye is a distinctive Victorian novel because of the combination of romanticism and Gothicism. This is represented by the attraction and impediments present in Jane and Rochester’s love.

In conclusion, Jane Eyre is a must read novel because of its classic nature represented by Jane’s life. In addition, the novel presents themes that motivate a reader to continue perusing pages to find out how events turn out. Lastly, the motifs and allusions from Gothic fiction are captivating in the way Jane perceives The Madwoman in the Attic.

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