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Modern time is an American comedy film by a man called Charlie Chaplin. Charlie struggles to survive in the modern and industrialized world of today. The films portray desperate and economic conditions that are created by the efficiency of the modern industrialization that has taken place. The film also portrays of the poor and the desperate living conditions that the poor people are living in, yet very happy and satisfied.

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Chaplin is a factory worker who is employed on a modernized factory with almost everything done using a machine. He works on an assembly line where he screws nuts. After being subjected to mistreatments as being forcefully fed on a machine and that he works on the assembly line where he screws nuts at an ever increasing speed, he suffers a mental failure. The modern feeding machine is actually not properly working yet it is being used on Chaplin. These modern machines are prone to many accidents as it appears to the man operating the machine and likewise to Chaplin himself. They show that they are not efficient enough. After being taken to the hospital, he confuses cocaine for salt and eats it.

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He gets well in the hospital but is soon arrested as a troublemaker in a communist demonstration. In the jail, he is able to knock out the convicts setting them free. He is thereby hailed as a hero and gets released. Outside the custody, he looks jobless since most of the jobs have been taken by the modern machines. Life outside the prison became hard to him that he longed to be arrested again in order to go back to the prison. He tries many strategies even to a point of failing to pay for the food in the restaurant. He later got a job as a watchman but again fails in the duties. He is thus arrested once more. This scenario portrays of the modernization that has taken place in the world even to the prisons where the inmates are being protected well and many would long to be arrested in order to escape other prevailing hard circumstances. The following day he is taken to a home by a friend. The friend seems to call the home a palace, but to the amazement of Chaplin, the house itself is in a terrible state and in need of much help. Modernization thus acts as one of the things that have contributed to the worse poverty levels that the people are living in. the people are however free and happy of the life they are living. This actually shows that many people are poor not because they wished to be but because of the insufficient job opportunities by the modernization that has taken place.

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It was after a very short time that Chaplin got another job in a new factory. In the factory, he gets one of the workers get trapped in the machinery, but he however manages to rescue him. The other workers decide to go on strike. Chaplin on the other hand happened to have paddled a brick into a policeman. He is arrested again. On his release, he gets another job as a waiter but he fails due to the fact that he could not differentiate the entry and the exit doors. It was upon these several failures that he even tried more to the point of trying to be a singer. Before he could make it, his friend is about to be arrested and they both escape and appears to be looking for a better life than they had lived. They thus continued to be in the look even to the point the film gets finished.

The videos mainly are in a demonstration of the undoing that modernization has caused among many people in the world. The changes in the modern ways of life have made many people to be poor. There are no jobs as most of them have been replaced by the modern machines hence many have been declared jobless and have thus translated into poor living conditions. The human relationships have also been affected in many ways. The failure to be stable economically has resulted to failures in many relationships and that people are living with the only way of getting what to eat being to steal from a fellow person. It is thus true that economic changes affect human relationships and are mainly brought about by the modernization that has taken place in the society.

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