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The novel depicts the problems of modern Swedish society and social relations between citizens. The theme of crime and criminal behavior can be found throughout novel’s entirety, even though this theme is being spared of aggressive undertones, with which readers usually associate the literature of second half of 20th century. Partially, this can be explained by the fact that the novel has been written by a man well aware of social and personal problems of people and their life. The novel involves a lot of characters and events portraying the world of business and journalism.

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The protagonist of the novel is a journalist Mikael Blomkvist.Employed byHans-Erik Wennerström, Blomkvist tries to solve two problems: find facts and financial documents to prove that Wennerström is a corruptive businessman, and find some information about ta Vanger's niece lost 40 years ago. Larsson gives some hits to readers: “The strange story of the flowers had never been reported in the press. Only a few people knew of it” (Larsson 2008, p. 5). It is possible to say that there is nothing truly “revolutionary” about how Larsson portrays crime and modern life. The novel’s context implies that it is absolutely natural for people to be in charge of raising such questions as corruption. What is the foremost psychological feature of a particularly intelligent individual? It is the fact that such individual’s existential mode is not being affected by considerations of conventional morality. The fact that Blomkvist is able to step over the notions of morality, while searching for information, and the fact that other people thought of such deed as being “morally wicked”, has only one possible implication – psychologically speaking,

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Using the character of Lisbeth Salander,Larsson portrays that it is not a secret that, as time goes by, more and more men in Western countries grow increasingly effeminate, while people grow increasingly masculine. Such trend results in the extent “gender equality” between men and women being significantly increased. However, this trend also makes it less likely for people to come to mutual understanding. Lisbeth Salander suffers from unfair treatment and control from authorities, still she is not an ideal citizen. Lisbeth Salander is a hacker involved in numerous affairs and unlawful deeds. The character of Lisbeth Salander reminds us a typical White yuppie, who thinks of “making a career” as the solemn purpose of her life. Unlike Lisbeth Salander, such yuppies like to moralize a lot on issues they cannot possibly understand, due to their limited intelligence. Lisbeth Salander is more of a man, as compared to her simple-minded but “morally upstanding” surrounding.

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The novel portrays that “white collars” are incapable of admitting even to themselves that their allegiance to the rules of conventional morality is nothing but sublimation of their fear of life’s objective realities. The crime themes link all episodes and elements of the story. The readers are kept in suspense till the very end of the novel. The citizens’ traditionally submissive social role comes as a result of police having embraced the duty of provider. This duty implies men’s ability to step over the notions of conventional morality, when necessary, in order to save the family. Marriage is nothing but a form of social contract.

If, for whatever the reason (in Torvald’s case, it was his conformism), man fails to live up to his duty of a provider, wife gets a legitimate excuse to break the contract. His main objective was to show that women are not only capable of understanding the meaning of such an abstract concept as freedom, but that they are also capable taking the issue of personal freedom close to heart. Therefore, readers can say that the novel’s ultimate theme is being concerned with the process of men’s biological and spiritual degradation. The fact that, as time goes by, more and more men appear to grow increasingly incapable of acting as responsible heads of the household, leaves people with no option but to turn into feminists, despite their actual will.

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