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Life is the main thing valued by humans. Life cannot be restored so people should pay a special attention to wellness and health. A health model of the processes involved in coping with specific episodes of illness and/or illness threats must depict the structure of the problem-solving system and its content (the cognitive and emotional material within it). Thesis The quality of life is important as it inevitable leads to the quantity of life and wellness.

The quantity of life cannot be considered in isolation from quality and health issues. The representations of the illness and the selected procedure create outcome expectations and a time frame for goal attainment. In fact, automatic behaviors for controlling a health threat may occur at all levels of coping. The quality of life is based on disease prevention and on time treatment. Consider, for example, a woman who thinks she may have a lump under her right arm. She may automatically and unintentionally execute specific coping tactics, such as searching for parallel, somatic features by touching and exploring the area under her left arm to determine whether a parallel feature is present, suggesting perhaps that both are permanent parts of herself rather than something caused by disease (Daum, 2003).

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Life has less value for a person who suffers greatly from enduring pain. On the other hand, promoting adaptive behavior in response to prolonged health threats, for which individuals will have formed stable representations, requires attention both to the immediate impact of emotional arousal on disease representational attributes and to the reformulation of the cognitive and emotional associations established within the representational schemata. An assumption that underlies the “dosing” hypothesis is that emotions contain information about the status of information- processing and behavioral systems, that is, they can tell whether or not individuals have the energy, ability to concentrate, and skills needed to perform specific, self-protective procedures over protracted time frames, and that individuals can make conscious use of this information. Thus, the effects of contextual factors on behavioral outcomes can be mediated by any one or any number of these components (Daum, 2003).

In sum, both factors the quality of life and the quantity of life are important for a person as the quality of life may lead to the quaintly. But the quantity of life is less desirable if a person suffers from severe and incurable illness. The individual's life experiences, institutional affiliations and roles, and cultural context can influence the representation of symptoms (e.g., perceived identity, causes, time-lines, consequences and control), the affective reactions they evoke, the procedures used to manage the symptoms and affects, and the criteria for appraising outcomes.

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