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Adam Rapp creates a unique account of social images and characters through personal stories and life paths of different people. The author underlines that we live in the world where everything is connected with money. Nothing can be done without it. Everybody wants to be rich, to earn a lot, to live in luxury, not even thinking about poverty as well. Some millionaires try to help poor people by charging some new charity projects, but countries can not help everybody who struggle with poverty. Using the pictures of brothers, sick people, a boy with a black eye etc Rapp depicts social problems and complexity of human relations

Rapp portrays that in modern society lots of people starve, they have not got homes, they even do not know what are the living conditions, such as clean water, hot water, bathroom etc. These people do not have medical care in the necessary volume and many people still try to cure the patients by means of special herbs, etc. For Rapp, poverty is a type of injustice; it is the main social problem of today. Of course, nobody knows, when over world will live without material problems, when everybody will be satiated, dressed, and will earn that sums of money, which will give him everything he wants. For the main character, Punkzilla, previously meant wishes can not come true, but we can do something for people who require food, clothes, money for worthy living. Punkzilla states: “There’s just so much you have to be care of” (Rapp 8). The message of the novel is that social changes must be the primary aim of the world’s community. But who wants to change this injustice, when people are divided into classes of rich class, middle class and poor people.

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The collages of pictures help the author to create a multifaceted picture of social life and its problems. Using the character of Peter, Rapp portrays that death is caused by poverty, and consequently it results in the living conditions of people, homelessness of people is inevitable. These people have many tropical diseases and illnesses caused by starvation and the lack of prenatal care, such as asthma, tuberculosis etc. So the problem is to invest money in the health care of the backward countries. The second big obstacle is the lack of education. For instance, Jamie is unable to reach high social position and make use of social benefits. Children in the backward countries even do not study in primary schools, they do not know how to read and write. Here it is harder to struggle, because the USA is the country with high incomes, and poverty is not ubiquitous as in Africa. But still there are social services, which have the lists of poor citizens, and they may help by providing grants for school and college study. Also, drug dependence causes murders, stealing, prostitution etc. Drugs have become profitable business for many people, so it will exist forever, how seriously the police would struggle, it will continue. Every day custom officers are finding the secret tunnels from Mexico to the United States, which are the ways for drug market in the US.

In sum, Rapp uses collages of picture and images to depict modern day reality and complexity of social relations. The message of the novel is that poverty reduction can be won by the increasing of the economic growth in the backward countries. At first, it should concern agriculture. course, it need supervision, because the officials may start corrupting, which will help them to become rich, but the citizens will still be poor. Economic liberalization is the key to solve the problem of poverty. Poor people are dieing every day, but the help of developed countries is far more operating than doing nothing and only saying that people die.

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