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There is no doubt the narrator of My Last Duchess gives an outright representation of issues reflected in the poem. Browning, the narrator of the story presents an exposition of issues facing the character in the poem, along with themes that the story outlines. In his writing, Browning echoes the complexity that emanates from marriage, dominance and the issue of social control. After reading the poem, I concur with Browning’s critique of the story given his examination of the issue affecting society. In his work, Browning delves on the conflicts and intricate relationship that exists between men and women in society. In particular, Browning identifies men as less powerful but concerned about the position of women in society. On the other hand, women have to contend with forces that strive to put them under the control of men.

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The reading addresses one of the critical social relationships tied to education of women: male dominance. In the Victoria age, where the reading is set, men often looked at women as subjects of their own control, but the poem draws a different picture of this. In the reading, women outgoing and the gains of Duchess clearly describes feelings men have to women who wield influence. Most important, women overlook the role of men by demanding their rights, a notion men like Duke do not readily embrace. Consequently, this reading illustrates women’s lack of education and inability to respond to men’s social dominance and desire for control. In reading, Duchess is “too soon made glad, too easily impressed” (Browning lines 21-23).

The notion of women rights is one of the main issues that emanates from the reading and is evident in the contemporary film and literature. In these works, women embrace their rights and some of them overlook on men creating conflicts. With some men having possessive tendencies, women continue to find themselves at crossroads with choices of them living under male dominance or practicing their rights and disregarding male dominion over them.


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