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Educational websites

There are numerous educational websites that are designed to help learner realize various learning milestones that are designated for different learning stages. The educational website uses various technologies to make the learner and educator friendly. The teachers can communicate and teacher learners easily and the learner can communicate with each other and share information easily. Bellow is some prominent educational websites.

This easy will review the technology used in three of the above websites.

This website employ’s web 2.0 technologies to create online learning environments. The technologies on the website include multimedia sharing technologies, podcasting technology and gaming technologies.

This website also employs several web 2.0 technologies to create online learning environments. It has Multimedia, blogging, and electronic gaming.

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This yet another web 2.0 technology website.  It embraces multimedia and social media to educate learners.

The above web 2.0 technologies are very powerful for e-learning.

a)      Usefulness in the classroom (either from a teacher or a student standpoint)

Blogs are advantageous to teachers. Teachers can use them to provide updated information to learners, comment on subject areas, post assignments and questions. Teacher also use blogs to link learners to other relevance new online in this regard blogging technology is very use friendly to both teachers who disseminate information and the learners who receive it.

Multimedia sharing involves sharing of pictures, podcasts, videos such as stream videos and audio files.  This technology makes it easier to share educational videos and presentations. Both educators and learners find it appropriate. 

Online gaming technologies are also embrace by two of the above websites. This game can be used by teacher to teach student responsibility, solve complex logical among others. They are both friendly to the teachers and learners.

b)       Ease of use

These technologies are easy to use. The only requirement it ability to use the internet

c)       Cost

The technologies are relative cheap. The cost that is incurred is that of setting up the websites and maintaining them.

d)       Reliability

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The technologies are reliable. Teacher can send information any time of the day and learners too can access information

e)       Availability

The technologies are readily available.

f)         Teaching or learning outcomes

Each of the three website above has different leaning outcomes. is a free learning website which aims at teaching children different information about science. is also dedicated at teaching children science and mathematics c at different level form Kindergarten to postgraduate. Finally aims at teaching the learners biological, geological, and hydrological sciences and geography.

Incorporating the technologies in class

The evolution of information technology in the modern world has introduced change in various sphere of life including the education sphere. Technology has simplified education and present day learners can get what the want from the web. The above technologies can be integrated in a classroom in various ways to ensure that learners find the use of information technology a fulfilling learning experience. This essay will discourse how three of the technologies used in the above three websites can be used to enhance teaching and improve the student learning process.

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Educational blog technology was used in creating one of the educational websites above. This can be used to improve enhance teaching and learning in classrooms (Heskett, 2009). Blogs are relatively easy to set up since they require little technical know how. They can be designed and altered easily.  The integration of blogs in schools must be multifaceted to ensure all learners are accommodated.  In the classroom environment, they should be dedicated to serving specific purposes.  There are four classroom activities that can be handled easily through blogs. This includes classroom management, collaboration, discussions and student portfolios (Heskett, 2009).  In managing the classroom, blogs can be used to create a community of learners. Since they are easy to create, and alter, blog can be employed to pass information to student on specific requirements of a class, pass notices, handouts and assignments. The can further serve as boards for posting questions and answers. In fostering collaboration, should be used to create instant audiences where communication between learners and teachers is maintained.  These way learners can improve their writing skills, cooperative skill through peer reviews and teacher can benefit from online monitoring. Discussions can be enhanced through continuation of exchange of information on topic outside classroom. Every student has an opportunity to share information. Teacher can bring along experts thus giving the learners an opportunity to network.  Finally, blogs keep student portfolio through maintaining student post making evaluations easy for teachers.

The second technology is multimedia technology. Multimedia can be incorporated in classroom to explain process which is recoded on videos and student can watch the videos to get an understanding of the concepts (Pitler, 2007).  Student can also create videos of process to show their classmates.  The most common use of multimedia is creation of power point presentation. These can be created by the teachers or commercial application like multimedia dictionaries. Multimedia websites can also display student art works and share the information. Incorporating podcast in classroom can be done by having learners create script of their work or activities, such as rough outline of their completed papers. Students must think over what they want to share. Student can take turns to record themselves listen to their recordings, redo them if necessary. Once they have a recording they are happy with, they save the files, edit them and upload the on a website where every students can access them.

Finally, online or electronic gamming technology can be incorporate by setting aside lessons that will involve the students playing game that train them to solve problems such as mathematical problems, social problems among others and learning new languages (Information Resources Management Association, 2011). Games encourage consistence and persistence which can be transferred to other academic activities. 

In sum, technology has become critical in education. It has improved both teaching and learning.  Teacher and learner should be encouraged to embrace these technologies to improve teaching experience and the learning experiences.

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