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Native Americans living in the USA are the aboriginal residents of the Northern part of America, within the boundaries of the continental USA, sections of Alaska and the state of Hawaii. Controversies have always risen on the term used to refer to them. This necessitated the USA Census Bureau to perform an interview in 1995 to determine the name to be used for them. Indians or American Indians turned out to be the most appropriate name for them.

In the article titled “Running Wolf Fitness Center to reopen at Phillips Community Center” posted on The Circle News website on October 07th 2011, the native American community shows great sings of unity, solidarity, and love for one another. They are opposed to the organizations, which stand in their fight for their well-being such as the efforts against reopening a fitness center on a new location.

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According to the article, the Wolf fitness center was first opened in 1997 along Lake Street under the collaboration of five organizations. Its main objective was to provide health prevention awareness and a program to fight the numerous health issues amongst the Native American Community. Even though Hennepin County subsidized the center, it was closed down many times due to lack of funding.

The lack of funding may be a clear indication of the negligence they face from the USA government. This may be due to their political stand that explains their struggles through the political system. They believe that they are made of distinct nations, which have not willingly joined the USA and should have their own sovereignty. Most of them believe that America has broken treaties that involve legal issues including reparations, water rights, mineral development, and forest management on countless times. In their struggle to attain equal political standards, they want the USA government to stop providing special rights and limited autonomy to them. 

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