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Luisa Thomas is trying to make us understand the reasons why Pacifisms should be given a chance. Engaging in war has always seemed to be a necessity for many nations. She says that nations do not look for any other option when they are faced with a problem. The first thing that comes into their mind is war. Promises of never going into war again, but the onset of any dispute is solved through war. Pacifists have been trying to make the world to accept that war can be avoided and solutions resolved amicably. They succeed in doing so, but the peace does not last. After a few days there is another war. The reason given is that this is a war to end war. Her idea is that although pacifism has been there for a long time, it has been really trying to make people see that war is not a necessity. It has not achieved its goal because man will always find a reason to go into war.

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The problems she bring up

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She brings up many issues. Man has always been aggressive. He is violent in nature. This is what causes all the wars. Although pacifisms have always, discouraged starting of wars man will engage in one because of the need to seek justice. Promises to never start war have always been broken. The organizations that are formed to ensure that peace is maintained are always broken after a little while. The number of people, who lose their lives in the cause of the war, are easily forgotten when those who are alive start enjoying peace. The problem is that man has always wanted to be superior and this has caused a lot of inequality in many nations through competition, which always lead to conflict. This problem might not have any other remedy apart from trying to promote equality among all. Although trained soldiers are the ones who are now sent to wars, they ensure that the number of casualties is kept minimal, the families of these people still carry the burden of worrying about the safety of the beloved.

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New weapons have been devised to make war easier. These machines can cause a lot of destruction in a very short period. The weapons leave a long lasting effect on the people. She says that mothers are worried that their breast milk might be contaminated because of the effects of bombs used.

  She has used the term-organized violence on principle by the Africans Americans, when they were planning to start their resistance against the white Americans. She uses the term to explain the beliefs of those who were going to start the war. They believed that they were going to fight for an important reason; to free the African Americans, but the fact remains that they were going into war and more than 60,000 men were killed.

            She also uses the term that nowadays war is less lethal and involves only professional soldiers. This is used to explain the fact that war has never stopped, but has changed from the past where people were forced to go to war. Now only trained soldiers go into war and try to minimize the number of deaths. Anti-war protests are used to explain the strikes that the students arranged. They went into the streets to demand the stop of war in the world.

She uses the word carnage to show the number of lives and property destroyed during the war. Although professional soldiers are being sent to war, the number of deaths and property destroyed remains the same. War as a way of coming home is used to show that war will always be there, and a nation will always find itself at war with another nation.

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