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The article “The Sopranos State” explores in detail North Korea’s involvement in criminal activities. It is based on a thorough investigation that has been conducted by credible individuals. This involves the Korean leader, Kim Jong II among other officials who oversees nefarious business dealings around the globe. Therefore, the central position of the article is to show the capitalistic nature of North Korea and its nature of government.

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The article portrays a strong argument that evidently shows how North Korea is involved in criminal activities yet the international community is not able to stop them. Their main rival, United States has for years tried to bring to halt these activities in vain. However, in 2005 about $ 25 million fund saved in several banks round the world was frozen. This was a major success to counter attack the spread of the criminal activities. In addition, the plutonic reactor in Yongbyon was shut down by the International Atomic Energy Agency. This was an effort to stop the North Korean’s involvement in the manufacture of nuclear weapons and other weapons of mass destruction.

As earlier stated, this article is based on research and thorough investigated from trusted sources. Therefore, the writer represents the information in a convenient manner. This enables him to avoid overlooking into issues in the text. In addition, this limits misrepresentation of vital information related to the main argument in the text. In order to avoid misinterpretations of issues of importance, the writer basis his writing on credible sources. For instance, Sheena Chestnut, a researcher refers to North Korea as a soprano state. He states that there is a clear coordination and implementation of criminal activities by the government. The top government operations such as financial control, law enforcement officials, diplomatic and intelligence services are housed at the Bureau 39. Kim has emerged to be dictator who is a major threat to USA and the entire world in general.

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This article is a valuable contribution to our understanding of the Korean society. The article explores in detail the form of regime present in Korea. The regime has established Bureau 39 which is believed to be the base where criminal activities are planned and executed. Illicit enterprises such as drug trafficking and money laundering are overseen in this building. The most unfortunate thing is that the government is the main participant in this illegal business. The leader himself, Kim Jong II is involved. The illegal activities form one of the government’s sources of income. It is estimated that the business earns about $1 billion annually.

Korean criminal operators have managed to get links in Asia, Russia, and Europe as well as in United States. Production and trafficking of opium and heroin is one of the major illicit activities by the government. They have established a network of dealers in almost every part in the world. In addition, they manufacture and sell large amount of counterfeit cigarettes as well as production of forged dollars. These deals are overseen by top government officials. Therefore, all the transactions are conducted not only by the gangsters but also by the diplomatic corps in other countries. This reflects the form of society that exists in Korea.

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Government officials are the main perpetrators of evil vices among its publics. They earn their income from illicit activities. These criminal operations have extended to almost every continent where these illegal activities have taken roots. The writer gives perfect examples of how corruption has been perpetrated in the Korean society. For example, people are employed by the government officials involved in the manufacture and production of illegal drugs, money laundering as well as making of counterfeit cigarettes. Diplomats have also been involved in this social vice.

The article also shows the struggles between international community and the government of Korea. Korean government and its society believe that they can only thrive through their involvement in criminal activities. This is because of the huge amount that the government leaps from these deals. Unfortunately, international community is planning to end the rule of Kim in North Korea. This will highly affect the entire North Korean society. However, this will be dependent on the success of the disarming process. This is simply because; the regime is not likely to stop its criminal activities around the globe anytime soon. David Asher observes that due to the high amount of money that the state gets from these dealings, it is hard for them to bring it to an end. The high earnings will motivate them to propagate these unfair business dealings.

North Korea is depicted as a communist society. This is where few individuals especially those who have access to the government dominate the society due to their affluence. North Korea has limited resources hence low food supply. Nevertheless, the government should not use this as a reason to indulge in criminal activities makes the nation wealth. The truth is that, money that is earned from criminal activities goes to the hand of the few. The majority remains poor and subject to the authoritative leadership of Kim and his cocoons.

            “Dream of Nine Clouds” is a Korean novel whose main theme is love. It is an 849 A.D novel that also explores several issues related to the Chinese dynasty of the Tangs. It also revolves around the issues of social relations such as marriage, loyalty and devotion. The Korean classic development is also addressed. In relation to the article, the “The Sopranos State”, this novel has several themes that can be linked. For example, leadership of the dynasties that demanded absolute obedience and the current leadership of Kim in North Korea have lots of similarities. Absolute leadership that leads to dictatorship is a common thought in the two pieces of art. Classical societal development is an issue of important in the novel. Similarly, capitalism is evident in today’s North Korean that is dominated by corruption among other social evils. Therefore, the thesis in the article and in the novel is consistent with a lot of similarities.

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