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Nottingham University is based in Nottingham, UK.  The university has a number of campuses in china, Ningbo, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Intensively racialism is experienced in regard to the race to which an individual is affiliated to, and also depending on one’s faith, since we have Christianity and Islamic religions, and in the residential places where citizens’ residence vary in accordance to your race. In the late 1950s -1960s the immigrants brought about segregation in the type of food one eats. Worse still parents are not in the position to determine the school which their children should attend but their race does it for them (Campus, 2010).

In the university, students have been against racism in the university through writing of articles and release of documents which portray the racism in the university. A university student by the name Rizwaan sabir was arrested by the police and kept for seven days after he downloaded a document on al Qaeda as part of his counter terrorism PhD. He said he was arrest not because of the document but because he is a Muslim and it had also to do with his race. His suggestion was that racism and racist assumptions about his beliefs and motives essentially turned his academics degree into a horrifying experience of accusation and interrogations (Cooke , et al., 2003).

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Literature review

One of the university lecturer in the management department at LSE by the name Dr kanazwa, the author of  ‘The scientific Fundamentalist’ was once the subject of an internal enquiry at the university for publishing a blog discussing “why black women are far less attractive than white, Asian native America women” one of his own student ,raised a vigorous protest because he was appearing in the article “ as  black woman I feel his conclusions are direct attack on black women everywhere” most of Knazaws student were not satisfied as some concluded  that they believed that all women were all the same and   are all prostitutes (Kanazwa, 2008).

Racism in higher education in the UK has existed for some time; a call for freedom of information by MP David Lammy developed a delay in the release of statistics regarding the percentage of students gaining places in the prestigious Oxford and Cambridge University. Despite the Oxford University having claims that their admission in the university does not depend on the class difference, lammys request to compare the number of students applying to those who succeeded in their application provided that they lived in the UK provided that out of the number only 13% were  blacks and the 69% were white. The question unanswered was whether, only the white applicants who have got the qualification required by the university (, 2010).

With regard to the fees which are set to the soars to 9000 pounds in the year 2000, superiority and narrow social profiles are most likely to result into a problem at the top universities. To provide equal opportunities and access to the higher education, of social diversity and racial equality, it has never been put into considerations by the UK universities to correct this unacceptable bias of increasing the fees to amounts that not every citizen who would wish to get access to higher education can afford. Even from the dismissal of some of the members of the staff due to investigations regarding the admission procedures by the universities no step has been taken. As the David Lammy said the Oxford and Cambridge Universities are ashamed of the statistics which were carried out, they have the right to be (Oxbridge Essays, 2011).

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University documents which are associated with counter terrorism have been released exceeding the number of 200. Special branches have been used to prosecute the controversial ways of monitoring students. Some material charts may result to the arresting of ones who are involved, for example Riwaan Sabir (student) was arrested on May 2008 together with Hiccham Yezza a member of the staff in the University of Nottingham. They were arrested because of the material chats. Any member of the staff or the student who was found speaking in the support of Yezza and Sabir were logged out using white ball counter terrorism unit refers to as the research, information and communications unit. Nottingham university lecturer was suspended last month for criticizing the university treatment on Sabir (Dikötter, 1992).

 On seventh disciplinary hearing of Thomson said that it was about  academic freedom but mostly on how the Muslim students are treated in the university, suspicion were being raised when they are not supposed to be raised. In support of Thomson, a pressure group in the university (support whistle blower at Nottingham) stated that the regulations on how a student should use the library books were a major Islamic plot. Catty James who is the chief executive of the whistleblower said that it was very fundamental that the whistle blower is supported based on the available evidence but not as per the race which their students belonged to (Fosis Beta, 2011).

In spite of the diversity and equality legislation and human rights 1998, there has been little or no change in the statistics in the universities. For example a black student was seven times more likely to be unemployed than the white. It also indicated that black children and students in the university were more likely to be expelled from their institutions compared to the white counterparts. In addition to this only 29% of the black teenagers who passed their exams at grade C or above compared with 47% of white teenagers, 53% of Indians and 61% were Asians (Nottingham, 2008).

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According to the race relation in UK act 1965, it proscribed public discrimination through the race relation board which majorly fought to improve the inter relationship among different races. It has been noted through antidiscrimination legislation has been put in place most of the people still claim that discrimination has remained in most of the public bodies such as the police and school institutions among other bodies. Terrorism acts which came into law in 2000 and 2006 have also been the basis to justify that discrimination against people of Muslim origin has been there over the past years (The Student Room, 2010)

In a document written by Denis Maceoin with the assistance of Dominic Whiteman, entitled music, chess and other sins segregation, integration, and Muslim schools in Britain disclosed that, there are more than 166 Muslim schools in the united kingdom, including 24 Saudi schools about which little is known and about 26 Daru Ulooms , religious seminars  which straddle secondary and further education. This clearly indicates that religion on one hard determines the type of school which one joins in the United Kingdom (Indymedia, 2008).

In the report school choice and ethnic segregation by Debbie Weekes-Bernard was found that, among the aspirant Muslim’s parents, there was apperception that a non-Muslim faith school could be better than a community school. On the other hand poor parents who could manage paying for these, rather than the local faith-based school never shared their view in this. Aspirant Asian parents noted that the commitment of staff in black Asians majority schools is often particularly low, in respect to poor home-school relationships due to poor perception of BME children as under achieving and problematic. One of the commonly rising issues was whether many parents were able to exercise their choice on which school to take their children (UK Campus, 2011).

According to Sciarra and to Gary Orefield, professor of education, law, political science and urban planning segregation is not forced separation of racial groups but in terms of minorities, Africa –American and ration they experience very segregated systems. Many BME parents find it difficult to exercise choice, as they either down grade their options prior to selecting schools verbally express choices that differ from the type of schools their children are actually attending or are due attend.

According to the magazine “The New Black,” lately the news has been very good on the achievement of young black boys in the UK education, politicians and commentators are still in their critics that these boys are doing badly in their education without optimism that they could be a change any soon. Trevor Philips, the chairman of the commission for racial equality (CRE), suggest that in order for the academic achievement to be realized, more so to the African-Caribbean boys, they are supposed to be taught separately from the white. This is an implication that blacks can only succeed in the environment of blacks since they are alienated by the white, creates the racial biasness from the grassroots to level s of high education (Oxbridge Essays, 2011).


Wright calls for an ongoing integrated support for the children who are separated to be integrated. This will ensure successful reunify into the mainstream education to seize the opportunities for positive changes in the education system as a whole. These community groups are segregated of race. A single and effective way to reduce the negative sway of the school exclusion would be to offer backing, and provide secure funding to these community groups.  This funding will imperatively  if made available will train every student who is in the exclusion process to ensure greater awareness of the way that race  influences the affiliation between the teachers and students or pupils (Indymedia, 2008).

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