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Marley & Me is a memoir movie about a dog called Marley and the owners John and Jenny who are newly married and want to become parents. In the dog's life period of about 14 years, the dog remains loyal to the couple though Jenny wants to get rid of the dog because she feels infuriated by the presence of the pet and how John is giving the dog more attention. The main themes explored in the movie are loyalty and friendship from the perspective of the dog and how to practice forgiveness in view of the pet’s stubborn behavior. Secondary themes that surface in the course of watching the movies include responsibility lessons to first time couple and how to balance family life and work responsibilities. Lastly, the theme of family life challenges is explained in the film in regard to Jenny’s role as a wife and a career woman when compared to her husband John’s freelance writing and reporting career that is quite unstable. Therefore, the dog Marley acts as an inspirational object before John. 

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