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"Regret to Inform" a film by Barbara Sonneborn, is about the Vietnam War. The narrator is a woman who lost hi husband to the war. The widow talks about the incidences that happened in her trip to Vietnam after an enemy mortar killed her husband. The film centers on the tales of the women whose husbands died in the war.

This film is depicts the negative effects of the war to the Vietnamese and the Americans. Some of these war outcomes include loss of life and property, grief due to death and utter uncertainty. For example, both American and Vietnamese women experienced a lot of uncertainty of their husbands' future for a long time (Ho, 120). They also suffered rejection and insecurity. The narrator compares the cruelty that they went through with the length of the river the depth of the ocean. The South Vietnamese army also manhandled them.
The war also led to people break ups in that the women were forced to marry other men. For example, Xuan Ngoc Nguyen forcefully married an American army man. (Ho, 125) Furthermore, the war resulted in lack forced the womenfolk to engage in commercial sex so as to obtain a living. For instance, the narrator says that she became a prostitute at some point. Consequently, there community faced a lot of social decadency.

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In addition, the Vietnam War led to friction between the fighting nations. Subsequently, the some of the Vietnamese women suffered rejection from the enemy country. Women also got haunted by the terrible experiences their husbands. Some tried to imagine what their loved ones could have felt when they were dying, while others went to the death sites to see what certainly happened.
This film portrays war as a tragedy that seriously distorts every country involved. It is a picture of total war. The effects of the Vietnam War in the film are representative of a real war where there is loss, shock and despair. More so, these effects are sometimes not felt immediately but gradually they also have significant impacts on the future of a people. Victims regularly bear the horrific images in their lives. They also lose confidence in themselves and their countries.

In conclusion, the film is so informative and meaningful. The themes are connected to the modern society. Through it, the viewer's understand the negative effects of war. Thus, they create negative attitude towards it. Therefore, people should strive to maintain peace should strive to maintain peace.

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