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Runaway Jury is a fiction movie that has been directed by John Grisham. It tackles a controversial subject where the American possession of the gun sparkles out a debate in the courtroom. The courtroom drama involved John Cusack, Gene Hackman, Dustin Hoffman and Rachel Wesz (Grisham, 2003).

This films commerce brutally. A sacked employee goes back to a stock brokerage firm where he was previously working and opened fire to his former workmates. In the incidence, Jacob wood (Dylan McDermott) was among those who were killed. Her wife Celeste (Joanna Going) was very much devastated by the act and two years later decided to take the manufacturer of the gun that was used to killed her husband to court (Grisham, 2003). Her allegations were that their negligence leads to the killing of her husband. Wendell Rohr (Dustin Hoffman) took the case for Celeste to go against defense attorney Durwood Cable (Bruce Davison).  Rankin Fitch (Gene Hackman) who is a slimy consultant jury supported Durwood.

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Fitch is an expert who is capable of reading people. He has a team of computer experts who are pulling up files on the members of the jury. Through this method, they are able to watch footage of the courtroom. This helps them to shape the jury to ensure that the ruling is done against Celeste Wood. This tussle between Hackman and Hoffman is eventually disrupted by Nicholas Easter who is a jury member seemingly having his own agenda (Grisham, 2003).. Out side the court, his girlfriend Marlee (Rachel Weisz) joins him in the interruption plan.

At the initial stage, the film is so controversial and one is at time lost in the whole theme and the motive of the court. Otherwise, reality of the whole episode starts unfolding where Judge (Bruce McGill) selects a panel in consultation to Rohr and Cable on their preferred members. In the process, Fitch communicates to Cable through an earpiece on the most favored Jury member who will enable them win the case. Initially, Fitch has dismissive of Nicholas Easter who shows lack of interest over the case, however, Fitch later changes his mind and propose him to be included at the last minute.

Nevertheless, Easter was able to get the higher part in the member of jury that provided him with a good platform to instigate his plan through offering her girl friend a green light to start of his plan. However, Fitch seems to hold a great say on the film making one wonder if there was any reason then of Rohr continuing with the case. In the course of the film, Fitch is able to note about the two clever partners Easter and Marlee who have found a place in the jury (Grisham, 2003).  Through a private call, Fitch and his girlfriend Marlee informs Fitch and Rohr that they have power that can influence the outcome of the case favoring either side. However this can only be persuaded by substantial pay offs to turn the case one way or the way.

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The film Runaway Jury brings about a very serious issue of the gun crime that brings to light one of the greed that the gun manufacturers have. According to Grisham 2003, the advertisement that has been shown by in the film which the company did emphasizing that some of the guns are unbelievably fingerprint free shows how careless some manufacturers can be in the case of security.

Easter and Marlee play Fitch repeatedly in the courtroom drama. Fitch finds himself in a great problem when he decides to break to the Easters home to steal the incriminating information; they pressured on n him leaving the untouchable jury consultant at a very dangerous point.

Otherwise, the main question in the film is why Easter and Marlee were interfering with the case, as their motives were not only money.  Nevertheless, there was no verdict that was given who eventually was supposed to pay the most. Otherwise, Marlee and Easter are able to manipulate the jury members with their commanding way of their proposals.

Parallels between the fictional portrayal and the reality

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The fiction of this courtroom drama is parallel to what happen in reality. In current society, most of the justice is twisted to favor the strength of money where laws are bended to encompass this. In most cases, truth means nothing just as has been seen in the Runaway Jury courtroom film. In parallel with what happen currently in the court, it is possible to commit such a big crime as killing as go away with it as far as money is available. It is legally wrong as it is truly happens in reality (America bar association, 2004). Nevertheless, the films used in the fiction movies has now educated people on technology and how it can be used to commit other crimes as secret call were used by Easter in the movie to bend the case to favor one side.

Accuracy of the fictional courtroom process

Accuracy of the fictional courtroom process as compared to that of the courtroom reality is somewhat exaggerated. The reason being, the plot is made so much complex and inclined to the predetermined results. Otherwise, the accuracy of the fictional courtroom process cannot be attained in most cases on this earth.

Fictional courtroom as a reliable source of information

In most of the country especially in America, they rely on entertainment to educate them about the life encounter. In most cases, American runs a lot from the fictional experiences. For example, most of the people say that they learned about CPR through a court drama about the medical shows (Gibson, & Caldeira 2007). They say this has made them to be able to assist in medical emergencies.

The information that is contained in the courtroom drama cannot be termed as void in many cases. They sometime contain information that can be helpful in the society. Some of the information can be harnessed to come up with the real things. Some information can be used tom ensure the vices in the society are dealt with and reversed to get fair trial in the reality courts. However, most of the information is so much exaggerated and to ensure that it is of help, it should be disseminated to reduce much fiction.

Impact of fictional account of courtroom practices

There various affect that they have on people. The first one is that people may believe especially in cases involving jurist that they are all evil as mostly portrayed in the film. People are also enlightened due to such processes. Use of technology is highly portrayed as good when used in the right way and also bad if used wrongly. Otherwise, much is learned through fictional films that has changed the society so much in their daily life.

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