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Following my review of your resume, I have noted that it is not well organized and one would probably think that it is an essay that has sub headings. In my view it does not fully meet the standards of a comprehensive resume. The resume has several typos highlighted by green lines. This shows that there are syntax errors in your resume. I have also noticed some glaring grammar mistakes like. For example, in you first job description you used (it's instead of its) as a personal pronoun.


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Reorganize the resume by formatting it accordingly. The format used is very poor and it is not captivating. For example, you should come up with better sub headings for each job experience. For example, write the title of the job and then write the position you had. After that highlight the responsibilities you had using bullets. This would look better than the paragraphs you have used. The resume should also be double spaced to make it easy to read. You can use font 12 times new roman.

The resume has simply showed your past work experience. This is not enough because we would like to see your career profile which you can write in a short paragraph. After that you can have a description of your key/ core skills. You simply embedded your core skills as part of the professional experience and I think this is wrong. You did not describe your education experience and one would question where you studied. If you have references do not direct the employer to go looking for them simply provide them. I can therefore conclude that this is a job description not a resume.

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