Free «The Blind Side» Essay Sample

The blind side is a film that focuses on Michael Oher who has been in foster care with not just one or two families. This was largely because of his mother’s addition on drugs. Based on the theory of structural functionalism, to identify the reason that can be linked to this problem with Michael and how he fits into the new society he is put in. The theory looks at the society at complex level that and how parts of the society work together in solidarity and stability. The theory looks at the societal function in terms of traditions norms institutions and customs. The theory suggests that the society should function together as a whole body. It deals with the macrosocialogical analysis that focuses on social features that link the society as a whole. Every time Michael is placed under a new foster family he runs away. This makes his father’s friend to find an enrollment for him in a new school where his size and athleticism ends up impressing the couch there. At the new school Michael finds a new friend Sean Jr whose mother is a strong minded character (Barnard 101).

Sean’s mother, Anne Touhy invites Michael to her home when she notices that he intends to sleep outside the school gym. Here human character can be linked to the structuralism theory where the society seeks to live by humanistic norms of doing what is right to help others. She also suggest that the have the thanksgiving meal together. Although some of her friends don’t think this is a good idea, Anne continues to give Michael support in shaping his polite and gentle nature. Further later Michael fits in to the Touhy family and develops the protective instincts of regarding to his teammates as he would his family. This is a structuralism trait of helping the team function as a whole family basic unit. The new school environment teachers included helps in improving Michaels GPA grades so that he can land a scholarship. The problem of Michael running from foster homes can be linked to his upbringing in the projects where his mother lives she is a drug addict, and based on the environment he is presented with it seems that when faced with challenges in life he prefers to go back to his hood where he feels that the society there are welcoming and appreciate him (Turner 65).

Anne Touhy is characterized with humanistic features. She readily takes in a stranger to her home. Through the theory of symbolic interaction her character can be defined as the way people in a society give meaning to certain behaviors or events. She gives subjective meanings to Michael’s behavior based on what is true as opposed to Michael’s interpretation of his life. Through her interpretations of Michaels character she is able to change his behavior to become a more humble and polite character. She even offers to support Michael in whatever decision he makes in his life such as going to the ole miss campus. Her interaction with Michael can be termed to be symbolic interacted unlike those of the friend toward Michael, as they are biased against him and his involvement with the Touhy family. According to the feminist theory the family decides to hire miss sue to tutor Michael so as to give her the chance to better the community. The theory focuses on analyzing the status of women in the society with the aim of bettering women’s lives. Women are given the voice to their contributions in the society. Miss sue contributes largely in swaying Michaels choice of school from university of Tennessee to ole miss (Barnard 101).


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