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In ‘The Alpha Geeks,’ David Brooks takes a different approach in providing a detailed history and the rise of the Nerds and the Geeks in the societal context. ‘The Alpha Geek’ as a term first appeared in the work If I Ran the Zoo (1950) written by Dr. Suess The terms “nerd” and “geek” started to be applied during the era of the nerd dominance in the 1980s that was steered by Paul Allen and Bill Gates, and completed with the current swing of geeks to a spot of a respectable status today. David Brooks basically tries to explain the state of geeks, their activities, their current status in addition to the ways they are perceived in the society by non-geeks (Brooks, 2008).

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One of the common literary correlations of nerds and geeks that David tries to bring into the light in his work is that, in the high school level of education, nerds are basically viewed as if they have no place or position in the co-curricular activities that go around the school. According to the information presented in the article, nerds and geeks are labeled as individuals who regularly get bullied, and they are frequently referred to as people who do not fit in with the rest of the people. They can also be referred to as individuals who live in their own world and under no circumstances try to interrupt the business of anyone else. Nerds and geeks are way too smart for normal people to interpret (Brooks, 2008).

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David Brooks in his influential article defines the existence and the progress of a geek: the Alpha Nerd. Brooks informs the reader that the colossal influence that started to be observed from the Alpha Geek was during the 1980s through the Microsoft and the technology economy. Nerds began to change the universe by controlling the technology sector, one nerd at a time; they started to secure large amounts of money in their accounts and rapidly becoming millionaires. The nerds began to make large incomes and started to win the respect of other people with each and every invention in addition to a better appreciation. People no longer looked at the things that the nerds could not achieve or do; instead, they looked at their unique achievements that the so called normal people had not reached in a long period of time. From that time, the revolution of nerds has been growing at a high rate, and individuals like Bill Gates, Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Paul Allen comprise the nerd revolutionaries who have achieved a lot in life (Brooks, 2008).

As far as I am concerned, geeks are characters who are wise in the fields of technology and academics and are less involved in the social activities. David Brooks highlights to the readers that each and every society yieldsfor its own different varieties of social characters, some do well in the social life and are active, whereas some vice versa. However, the contemporary social structure appears to produce important numbers of persons with rank-link disparities. This implicates that they have all of the social abilities required to advance their social status. However, none of the social abilities leads to sincere relationship between them and the society. It is evident that nerds and geeks are good at upright relationships with supporters and bosses, on the other hand. They have poor flat relationships with their friends and people close to them. One may assume that maybe they are brought up in backgrounds with a strong success philosophy and get nourished with the drive of seceding in life by going an extra mile to make inventions that have not ben made (Brooks, 2008).

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David Brooks (2008) indicates that an Alpha Geek is one who scores great grades and improves that covering of overconfidence that forms on those who are aware that at the end of the day, they will be more prosperous than the splendors and on nerds who have social lives. In a social setting such as a high school or a college, the jocks is supposed to sit here; the nerds and the geeks are supposed to sit there, and the isolation goes on in reaction to the social rank of a person. This can not be defined as the 19th-century sense, according to David Brooks (2008), but an extensive selection of lifestyle trends, some that are richer, some are poorer, but each on the subject of the others as unclearly wretched and influenced of its moral dominance and advantage. Likewise, in the issues of politics, high school clarifies most the whole lot one needs to know the yet to come historians of the nerd dominance. One is likely to observe that the great empowerment stage originated in the 1980s when nerds started to earn their respect and appreciation by making huge amounts of money and attained economic trustworthiness, this being the seedbed of social respect. The technology revolution formed a parade of self-assured nerd such as Bill Gates and Paul Allen (Brooks, 2008).

David Brooks explains that in the society geeks are still seen as individuals who are socially inactive, but geek revolution is one of the sole ways that has helped these types of people to have a place in the society. The non-nerd can produce victory in the football field, but the geeks can present their flexible awareness and well-modulated sentiments, social sites, their blogs and all forms of communication.

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