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In my point of view, the movie Jubilee is very interesting because it enhances an irresistible and unbalanced stability between complete anarchy and absolute beauty. This experimental movie is based on the fictional story, which is easy to contemplate. It is about Queen Elizabeth and John Dee, the alchemist known from the history that calls for the spirit of Ariel, and conveys all the spirit from the past into the modern life, where they discover London to be an abandoned area that survived a cataclysm. . In the film, Jenny Runacre, who is talented in various aspects acts as Queen Elizabeth and the erratic "queen" Bod, living in the present. Bod is a leader of a biker gang, where all members are women. The events in the film make one to get addicted in watching the film often. This is because it remains in one’s mind, since the events increase one’s intelligence by constantly being provocative with innovative links and hence able to obtain more meaning of the film in one’s day-to –day activities. The artistic side in the movie is that it is not a punk film but it is rather a Derek Jarman film. The movie is a result of comprising sadness, brilliant imagery, poetry and some deeply poetic discussion.

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I shot Andy Warhol

The motivating movie, I Shot Andy Warhol describes the life of the mentally disordered feminist Valerie Solanas. The film is phenomenal as it leads one into the loathsome realities of life that eventually are faced by each of us. The movie narrates the story of the degradation of Valerie Solanas and her developing obsession and hatred with Andy Warhol that resulted in the gunfire. As it was mentioned above, the film is really amazing in taking one’s mind into the ugly realities which cannot be escaped. This makes one to be able to adapt to the ugly world and instead of running away from it, one is able to think of the way out to modify it. The artistic side in the movie seems to be a bother to most of the people. This is because Lily Taylor, bases most of her concepts on distrust and hatred against men. However, this tends to reveal the depressing factor portrayed in the movie, since Lily Taylor puts her heart and soul into Oscar, who seem to be one of the depressed character in the movie.

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