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The New York Times article, Women in the Battlefield, is in most ways a typical case of prototype. In this article, the women are portrayed as equal to the men and are required to be treated just as their counterparts especially in the combat jobs. I particularly agree with the writer and think that he makes a relevant point on the subject by lifting the ban on women in combat. It shows common sense and that gender inequality does not have a place in the modern society.

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The article Women in the Battlefield indicates that opening jobs for women which were previously considered to be male, such as combat and other battlefield jobs, shows that the military is trying to communicate that sex discrimination does not have place in the present society.

The author admires the defense secretary for lifting the ban and the chief of staff who urged him to do it. He claims that it was encouraging decision, since it came from the top leaders. The author further explains how the situation will be when the policy is adopted.  In addition, he gives positive and negative comments on army websites regarding the lift of the ban. There is also a story of one plaintiff, a woman who worked as a pilot and was once injured. She claimed that she could not find military office work just because she had not officially seen combat. This is unacceptable, and the lift of the ban is a good start.

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I agree with the writer that the lift of the ban proves that sexual discrimination has no place in the society, women can do combat jobs as well as their male counterparts, if not better. This will be a great chance for them to prove to those individuals doubting them being as good as male.

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Concerning sexual harassment of women by enemies in the battlefield, I strongly disagree with that statement.  I do not think that women will be more susceptible to sexual assaults and harassments by their fellow officers than those from the enemies.

The author seems to think that there will be grumbling upon receipt of the news by various individuals especially the men in combat. I somewhat agree with him, since some men will always remain chauvinists and will not agree to the fact that women can actually be in the front lines of the battles. However, there are men in combats who will certainly agree with the decision to lift the ban. Some men actually see women as their equals and believe that if the right amount of training and standards are upheld, then the women will be as good as the men in the battle field, if not better.

Having read the article, I consider that women deserve a chance to be in the front lines of the battlefield. The author made me appreciate the ban, since it will cause many job openings for women who have interest in military and will realize their dreams.

I concur with the writer concerning the fact that the lift of the ban is a chance for females to improve their career in military.  I believe that every individual in this world should be able to do something without being restricted especially regarding sex. Women can do an amazing job in the battlefield contrary to popular belief. As long as they want to take part in this exercise, they should be allowed to do it. The article was easy to comprehend. The ideas flowed from one paragraph to another, and it was interesting to read.

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