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1975 was the year when a new, shot in modern way movie was born. Jaws just rocked the cinema of those times and Steven Spielberg became the most famous director. Even now, when the greater, more developed and modern technologies are coming in film production day by day, Jaws stays one of the most popular high-rated horror movie in the film industry. But why just simple movie about sharks’ attacks without any deep meaning became so famous worldwide? What is so special about Jaws is that even after his great career, after success that came from his other works, Steven Spielberg is so proud about it?

First of all, let’s look closer in Spielberg’s career of a well-known film director and an innovator in film industry. Some people think that Steven Spielberg’s films anthology consists only of horrors or movies about dinosaurs. But that’s just not true, as we all know that Steven has several Oscar awards, and they are not given for just using some special effects and illustrating fantasy world. His Shindler’s List and Saving Private Ryan is the sort of legends in the world cinematography, not forget about Superman. Steven Spielberg is a master of his work; he’s the master of showing human’s primal fears; to show us the world of miracles and wonders. His imaginative mind is the one of the genius in cinematography. During his career he was criticized and praised; hated and loved. His imagination is the innovative thing. This is something that differs Steven Spielberg from other famous film directors and the assignment of this paper is to find out what is made Jaws creation and popularity so remarkable.

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Jaws is the first Steven Spielberg’s horror blockbuster, which gathered the whole world in front of the screens. It was a real success. Thrilling, spectacular, scaring to death, Jaws was a mix of heroic characters, which you could only see in the action movies with a big budget, and really scary, not so dangerous for humans in the wild nature, animals on killing spree. Moreover, Jaws is not only a part of Steven’s imagination, it is based on the novel under the same name. But Spielberg decided not to copy everything from the novel; he was intrigued and fascinated only by some of its parts. He wanted to show the action, not only characters. He wanted to film only the horror parts of this novel like sharks hunt or their attacks, or the final fight of the main character with a huge shark-killer. The main innovation that the film director used in Jaws wasn’t any special effects, but the process of filming itself. Spielberg knew that to make this movie successful, he needed to make it as something that no one had seen before; something that would bring this movie only high rating from the very beginning of its screening worldwide. So, to make the horror really terrifying, Spielberg needed a huge shark. It was nearly impossible mission to use and train a real white shark, so the talented director decided to build it. This shark was a mega huge and remote-controlled. But not only three killer-sharks were created. A fictional island had to be build too. The first months of film creation, Spielberg was either in ocean, shooting the sharks’ scenes, or on the land, building the island for his characters, or also discussing the plot with the actors. Spielberg was very interested in the remarks or some innovations to the main plot that actors could suggest. The interesting thing lies in that Steven for many years was fascinated with Hitchcock’s works. He was fascinated with the patterns that the master of horrors used; fascinated with his ideas of how to make something truly terrifying. That was what Spielberg was looking for his future blockbuster – the magic of a true primal fear. And he has found it! To have a possibility for high-quality shooting in the ocean, Steven with his crew built for his operator a glass water tube, so that even in the deep scenes it looked like the real sharks’ attacks. Moreover, when remote-controlled shark appeared from the water with her killer-jaws, such moments were accompanied with terrifying screams. But even after the whole work on movie was done, Steven Spielberg wasn’t so sure about its success. Later in his interviews, he would say that the filming production had exhausted him; that he would never again shoot his movie in the ocean. A young director couldn’t even imagine that just in decade his work with remote-controlled sharks would cause a new kind of movie with new monsters in it. He wanted to be just closer to Hitchcock’s success in horrors, but Steven didn’t imagine that he would not just become closer to his horror teacher’s masterpieces, he’d become even more famous, even more successful and not just in this one genre.

Jaws movie, even without any deep meaning, without some modern side effects like nowadays sharks-movies have, still is considered as one of the greatest horror movies of all times. Moreover, it was criticized in its first days of production not only by other film makers and fans, but also by scholars in film industry. For example, one of them, Peter Biskind (a Hollywood author), stated that there was one more villain, not only a shark, but a mayor of this island. He also found out that the main conflict that was hidden yet told about in this movie was the one where heroes were against one single menace, which was dangerous not so physically, but dangerous for social and economical status. So, from this point of view, Jaws did have a deep meaning and it’s not just some silly ordinary horror movie. Eventually, despite all critics, bad or good, its delays, despite troubles in production, this movie was meant to be a breakthrough of the summer 1975 and Steven Spielberg was meant to become one of the greatest film directors of all times. 

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