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Until watching any documentary movie about food or anything related to it, people barely think about anything except taste and price. Let us try to imagine what if your food could tell you the story of its preparation. The film Food Inc. retells it.

We all know how and from which products our mothers and grandmothers cook. We trust them because we see the process from the pealing of potatoes till the plate with a tasty dish. Unfortunately, we cannot know the truth about fast food. The question is how and from which products we get a cheap and inviting food.

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There is much information about corn which seems to be everything. It was strange to learn what even batteries are made of corn. Moreover, the face of the man from the farm was so calm while he was speaking about the diseases which corn food causes. Cows suffer on that diseases and spread them to others.

I think the issue, raised in the film, deserves attention, but the information is presented one-sided and biased. One hundred years ago products were made in a different way. However, at that time, the world’s population was not more than 6 billion. If the producers continue using the old way, they will get the other products (and possibly better), but its amount will be 2-3 times smaller. For instance, chicken will rise not so fast. The world has changed, as well as the needs of a consumer. That is why producers are constantly seeking for the ways of “improvement”. The point is to combine “quickly growing” food with the fewer expenses. Unfortunately, it is not so easy without losing scores in the quality rate.

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Everything in the world is interconnected to each other, so the film cannot concentrate only on food, it must touch other questions related with it. At the beginning of watching a movie, I was full of a desire to learn new things about the food, to my own surprise. I also received information on the very different topics. To my regret, the film practically disclosed subject chemicals in products and why exactly it is harmful. It was limited with the beautiful hints. The film is more about society than the chemical composition of food and the actual impact of food on the body. Of course, the information that it is bad food is enough to make a choice in favor of good.

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The film shocked me not only with information about harmful food, but also about the other problems. I was disappointed after the story of the woman who has lost her son. The saddest in this story is that no one is willing to help her. The only thing people are ready to give her is a sympathy, not more. It is the easiest way because sympathy does not need much time and effort - a few minutes and it is done.

It is also awful that some huge multi-million dollar companies control everything of what our lives contain. They monopolized the production of the most important products. These companies also treat their workers badly and without mentioning the poor animals. They also do not allow others to develop. Companies have two strategies: to litigate until other companies lose their money and hope; and the second one is to direct subsidiaries to earn profit for a head-company. The additional confirmation of big companies’ unfair game is that they declined to give an interview for the film.

In this film, there are a plenty of things which encourage thinking. It also shows that there are fewer methods of influence on this situation. The fact, that the owners of these companies are often the representatives of the parliament at the same time, leaves no hope. So, the only way is the change of people’s consciousness. People should realize that healthy food satisfies, the body needs better than the fast food. So there is no use to eat unhealthy food more. It means that even though fruits and vegetables are more expensive than any of fast food products, there is no need to eat much of them. Moreover, a brilliant phrase in the end of the film speaks for itself: “You can go against the system. Three times a day”.

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