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Artificial Intelligence or AI is a concept that would help to have most outlying dreams into reality. This is a very new term as it is not well-defined and the word “Intelligence” in it is not defined well either. Since many years, a variety of scientists have come up with a lot of concepts for defining the term “Intelligence”. Out of which, some of them have become outdated and few of them have become surpassed. In 1940s and 1950s various scientists from different fields like psychology, mathematics, political science, economics and engineering started to discuss the opportunity of creating an artificial intelligence. In 1956, this research has become the first academic discipline. On May 1st 1999, Sony designed and introduced Artificial Intelligence Robot (AIBO). This Robot is capable of recognizing, walking in the environment via camera and recognizes spoken commands.  Also, over the last few years, scientists in AI fields were trying to create lifelike humanoids and artificial minds. The aim was to create androids with ability to express the emotions and capability of recognizing the facial expressions. Due to the advanced technology, these days more complicated robots are developed. As an instance of this, Honda created a humanoid robot known as Advanced Step In Innovative Mobility (ASIMO) in the year 2000 has been created to help people in the future. ASIMO is capable of interacting with humans by recognizing postures, moving objects, gestures, sounds, environment etc., This robot is also capable of detecting the movement s of multiple objects by using visual information which is captured in its camera eyes and also finding the direction and distance. With this pace of increasing technology, robots in the future will be capable of reasoning, decision making and impulsiveness. To conclude with AI allows computer to be more like a human by understanding the speech, performing hard tasks like humans etc., but the real power of Artificial Intelligence is to develop an intelligence that goes beyond human intelligence.


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