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In writing this report, the following terms of reference were given much attention,

1. Identifty all the necessary data collected and methods used in the forensic lab for in-depth analysis and investigations.

2. Enlist the various data files and tools that were used in effectively carrying out the forensic study.

3. Establish the relevant timelines in the study and their identification methods.

4. Identify the evidence that may reflect any form of suspected illegal dealings and establishing the relevant recommendations and conclusions to the forensic examination.

Methods of data collection and gathering

The investigations were instigated and carried out with reference to the allegations and suspicions that Sebastian and Nau were involved in business of drug dealing. To necessitate effective outcomes, the following were the methods used to collect the much needed information on that issue,

1. Personal confrontation and interrogation

This was made possible through interrogating the concerned parties so as to extract any information that could be useful in achieving the objective of the entire study. This was conducted on impromptu basis so as to avoid any compromise in the delivery of the exact needed information.

2. Launch of integrated software that have the ability to trace and track any dealings and transactions carried out with a view of establishing the transparency of such dealings.

3. Initiating a committee of investigation charged with the sole responsibility of ensuring that any information about the illegal dealing is unearthened through incorporation of various techniques only known to them to avoid circumstances of the culprits escaping or hiding, (Schafer, 2008).

Context of the forensic examination

Forensic examination from a technologist’s point of view maybe referred to as the in-depth analysis and investigation to digital tools such as mobile phones and computers so as to verify and come up with certain conclusions pertaining their use, effectiveness and establishing whether they operate according to the standards required by the relevant subscribers. In regard to this forensic report, the data collected was found to be as follows,

1. Lots and lots of data and information are stored in individuals’ phones. This is because most mobile phones are sophisticated in various ways and have several software features that that are compatible to their needs and expectations.

2. Due to the enhanced technological advancement, using mobile phones has facilitated the retrieval of data from different places that may comprise use of sim cards, volatile memory, compact flow cards as well as non-volatile memory cards. These aid to greater extent the retrieval of any data that could act as source of evidence in the analysis.

3. There is immense development of mobile phones through the forensic analysis with advancement being noticed in phone gadgets moving from analog to digital and then to personal computers services and eventually to third generation technology.

4. From the forensic analysis, it was evidently clear that phones range from basic, less expensive phones but the underlying fact is that they are all used for administering and making calls.

Establishment of timeline

This relates to the listing of various events in chronological order which may at times be referred to as project artifact. Under this study the following were established to be the order of events,

1. There were traces of continued flow of information especially through the use short messages service (SMS) that facilitated communication between the two concerned parties.

2. Transfer of money through the wireless connections which could be used in the illegal business of drugs.

3. Continous updating in their mobile phones especially through phone calls which in most cases are registered under the dialed calls or voice messages.

During the entire forensic examination, it was noted that there was use of uncertain numbers which were not even registered to valid subscribers, the timing was also very odd because most of these dealings were carried out at night under the tables.However,to mitigate these problems, there were some issues and measures put in place to facilitate the study. These included,

a) Use of integrated circuit card identity card that shows the serial number of the phone used and whether it is validly registered.

b) International mobile subscriber identity which is unique in the identification of the number held on the sim that enables the identification of the phone holder.

c) Use of Mobile country code to locate the originating home country of the sim card.

d) Use of mobile network code that refers to a two digit code and it usually represents the originating time network of the sim card.

Tools used in the forensic examination

The tools that were used included the following,

  1. Use of SIMcon which involves the analysis of file content to recover any deleted messages and is also used to image files that includes all stored numbers and messages.
  2. Application of Bitpim that is majorly used to view any new data

In ones phone.


Forensic examination of sim card and phones is a very vital process that ensures that there is safety in any gadget that is put into crucial used to carry out transactions.Also, the short message service is an important element since it enhances faster communication that is less costly.


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