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A time comes in life when children have to take a career path. Depending on the upbringing and exposure, the careers they choose are extremely diversified. Some may choose to emulate their mentors, for instance their parents. Others may choose to take business-like careers in order to take care of the family business. Quite a number of them may choose independently what they want.

Out of about twenty five fields that people can choose their careers from, a good number go the engineering way. Engineers are there to solve problems. Engineering in itself is exceptionally wide, and a good portion of the would-be engineers prefer computer engineering. This is a path that has recently been a hotcake and thousands of institutions teaching the same are cropping up each day. With this kind of response, a lot of care is advisable when one looks forward to joining an institution that is offering anything to do with computer engineering.

Computer engineering in itself has several fields attached to it. It should never be confused with computer science as computer science only focuses on software. It links electrical engineering to computer science with the objective of developing computer systems. Computer engineers have a wealth of knowledge in electrical and electronic engineering coupled with software design. They also know a lot about hardware-software integration (Lam, 1988). They are involved in various processes of design such as computers and circuits. With recent advancement in technology, they have been involved in robotics design.

Computer engineering is the fastest growing engineering field in recent times. It addresses the relationship between software and hardware in tackling real engineering problems. It has been incorporated in an assortment of areas such as home automation and automobile control systems. With this in place, the service of computer engineers is inevitable as the world is going the technology way.

This field has had a phenomenal growth fueled by integrated circuit microprocessors. This has led to gigantic computing power at highly reduced packages and low costs. A perfect example is the telecommunications industry where the telecommunications system has adopted the new technology. It has a large and complex system that is merely controlled by micro-processors. It has incorporated fiber optics, networking as well as communications in the wireless mode amongst many other technologies.

Computer engineering discipline is not a bed of roses during the period of study. A computer engineering student has to work hard and smart in order to be in a position to apply the knowledge gained during the study in order to inculcate it in the real world applications (Garner, 2008). One should also be in a position and willing to go the extra mile of updating themselves as new technology crops up every day. This renders the knowledge gained during the study period obsolete after a sufficiently short while. With this in place, one has to also do a lot of practice in order to solve minor problems in preparation for the difficult task ahead. This is in line with the preparation for a professional career.

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Career- related experience prior to the graduation can be gained through internship experience. During this time, as per the discretion of the employer, one may get some compensation. Currently, various institutions are linked to some organizations. This puts them in a position to attach their students to internship positions offered by the said organizations. This also puts them in a perfect position to be employed by those organizations after they gain their undergraduate degrees. Students with enough time can incorporate into their learning program, an experience program where they are able to take part time careers in order to gain experience.

Before students can take up any crucial such as computer engineering, they are often faced with the question as to why they are choosing it. This is because the decision of taking up this discipline guides the entire rest of their lives in case they do not take up anything else. This also determines whether they are going to have a happy career life.

The best way to know about the career is by getting to hear from those who have been there before. One should also be in a position to analyze the type of duties their forefathers have been involved with as well as incentives. The internet is also an indispensable tool when it comes to researching about anything.

One should also evaluate themselves in terms of which subjects they like, and if science, math and computer are part of them, then computer engineering might not be such a hustle after all. The field is for those who like innovation and can work in innovative technologies. This may include working with gadgets.

The knowledge of computer engineering with the current rapid amelioration in technology incorporated with the thirst of many industries and organizations to adapt to the technological age is vital. This is because computer related jobs are all over and one does not have to get worked up about the likelihood of getting a job after they have completed their course. In spite of this, one has to work a little harder and smarter if they are to acquire the best jobs the field has to offer.

Successful computer engineers are a crop of people who thirst for knowledge. For the would-be computer engineers, students should have the quest for knowledge. The major advancements in the field that are experienced day in day out render computer engineers of a certain age obsolete after some time. Talking of this, the previous engineers would be lucky to be absorbed in old fashioned companies as the new crop takes up their jobs in organizations that believe in innovative technology. To curb this issue in order not to worry about what the future might hold, one has to keep themselves up to date. This means that with every new technology coming up, one has to take an interest in knowing what it is about and maybe taking a course in it in order to have a competitive edge.

Just like everything else, there are merits and demerits of being a computer engineer. One of the main advantages is that it pays well. It can also be a fun job as one gets money for doing something that bears much of their interest. The creation of new software that can change the world is also particularly appealing. Innovation is a tool. Hence it makes work easier and faster. One constantly gets to learn new things hence it can boost the mental ability of a person.

Unlike many other careers like medicine, computer engineering does not have specific prerequisites. It is not attached to vital mandatory exams hence anyone can be in a position to take the path. Quite a number of people have made it in the field without having to go through class. Also, computer engineering courses cost way less as compared to other disciplines like medicine. This one brings us to the point that the major requirement for this field is the interest.

The global demand for computer engineers boosts the job security for this field. This is because almost all fields are incorporating computer technology in their systems and almost everything is being automated. Also, the fact that computer problems are mathematical in nature and one does not have to know the native language of a place in order to work there.

Computer engineering can be repetitive at times. This is in the case of having to tackle the same problems over and over again rendering it uninteresting. In the case of having to solve serious problems, it can be exceedingly mind boggling. With this, it is likely to exhaust ones mental ability. Also, one has to be constantly in the move to learn new things. This is of utmost importance if one has to keep up with their peers or to be up to date with technology.

With all these facts in place, one has to be extraordinarily careful while choosing a career in computer engineering. Since the knowledge is applicable almost everywhere, it may put one at a position to solve minor problems encountered in the everyday lives. In case one prefers to be on the move, the career might not be the best bet as it is more of a white collar job. It may affect ones’ health directly in terms of eyesight and cancers, and indirectly in terms of obesity as one does not exercise much. Ultimately, it is a fascinating path to take as it does not separate the generations. The adults and the youth can speak the same language in terms of technology. One can also get to learn a lot when moving from place to place hence have a better understanding of the world than many other common people. One is also rendered in a position to solve even non engineering problems hence can be utterly useful in the society.


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