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Cloud computing has undergone drastic change over the past decades and impacted the way businesses run and operate their applications in modern times.

The traditional model in application development has been   ever complex to handle.  Running applications  in built premises  has not only been inefficient, but also heavily involving. In fact, each application necessitated acquisition of hardware, a database, Web Servers, an operating System alongside other software packages. Thus, several members of the developers team had to work tirelessly to ensure that applications were in order and running smoothly.

The public clouds are usually made up one or various services models with the subsequent stations. The private cloud provides the functionality that includes storage, provisioning, networks and the other fundamental computing services that the client is able to install and run the software. Nonetheless, this comes with a considerable responsibility for the IT organizations. Deployment of applications in private clouds have  a score of challenges as compared to public clouds especially when it comes to implementation. Thus, providing service to customer is limited by several factors mainly, security concerns, cloud models, server migration, performance, tools necessary to monitor security and network traffic and software virtualization.

Thus, service level agreements cover the providence  of infrastrure to the client and are habitually customized as per customers’ needs dependent on the above factors. Several Paas providers prefer custom SLAs instead of a common one since each client has dissimilar needs.  Thus an SLA is customized and varied for implementation of a set of particular service level. In fact, private cloud computing is more challenging than public clouds. The service level agreements used are quite dissimilar to those applied for public clouds and come with license agreements, terms of agreements operating level agreement (OLA) which define relationships between the parties involved hence explicit outline of what is responsible for what area. In essence, this stipulates the responsibilities of each party. Given that private clouds must consider what application are suited for virtual environments, he architecture is subject to modification and may result in inclusion of some application into the private clouds whereas others are left out due to technical incompatibility to run on virtual environments. For instance, the main applications developed in house are in capable of running on  Unix-based system, thus acquisition of a commercial product could resolve the issue. Alternatively, the whole program maybe entirely rewritten to address the application suitability. Consequently, the shift of responsibilities must reflect on the service level agreement (SLAs) hence dissimilar to public clouds.

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In the event that an organization resolve to shift from the traditional data center to a private cloud, the main goal is habitually improvement of serve utilization hence server consolidation. Therefore, the focus on application deployment is restricted to the aspect of the nature of the application and the tools necessary for its management in the virtual environment. Thus, agreements regarding cloud space, hard disk space as well as bandwidth and network resources feature in private cloud service level agreements ( SLAs) unlike public clouds. This implies that expectations for service delivery must be established and adhered to by the involved parties. This covers, diverse types of clouds that share similar foundational attributes, but the can perform different types of model service.  The include, Infrastructure as (IAAS) is a model service that put numerous private clouds into practice as their foundation,  PAAS) platform as a service designed to provide the development platform and the common API that are usually deployed in the cloud environment and SAAS (software as a service) which is a model service for applications. In addition, these agreements come with penalties. In case the provider violates the agreement, they pay penalties to the customer in case they infringe the Sla. The payment is inform of service credits. Such the more the provide violates the SLA the more credits you are paid as customer.

The implications of  social networking   to Middle East

The Nabbesh social networking site has some substantial implications which are observable due to the access of this information thus, there is a huge number of traffic being engaged on the basis of information search. Subsequently, this will fetch  tremendous interactions the social network platforms whereas, such interactions are mainly skills oriented. However,  establishment of partnerships is inevitable since outcomes outside the digital scope brings more traction and links to potential partners as well.

For instance, the media exposure that Nabbesh social site received had remarkable influence on its  perception by the business class, jobseekers as well as marketing giants who found it worth to engage with the site. In fact, the media exposure brought on board various parties that took great interest in the new technology such a prominent marketing firms, magazines an advertising agencies as well. Thus, it is explicit that social media platforms such Twitter played a critical role as well. Tweets and retweets from distinguished by industry leaders got the story spreading quite hastily that it was more of a dream actualization that what was expected. A lengthy daunting journey to get exposure and recognition in the appreciably competitive market.  Thus, the media exposure factor cannot be overlooked since it played a crucial business impact on the establishment and reception of the Nabbesh social media technology (Nina et al. 2012). 

The ultimate outcome was the great enthusiasm with which the global and local market portrayed towards start up technology hubs.  This has inspired several other start ups both in the Middle East and other parts of the globe as well.

Engaging potential users of a new technology and potential investors is very essential. Thus, this trend will definitely reflect in other start up strategies hence replication that will impact the IT industry. Thus, as a stakeholder my career will be more diversified in evaluating all possible metric to apply in developing new technologies and software solutions in the modern market. The next couple of years in this decade will reflect much appreciation of the role played by social media in marketing and establishment of relations with audiences. Therefore, I will seek to involve myself with industry leaders to get crucial skills and know how to match the skills set to remain relevant in the industry. In addition, I will engage in informative IT seminars to keep my skills set up to date and maintain resourceful professional  record on contemporary and emerging issues in the IT industry. 


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